Dip Dyeing Extensions–In Photo’s

by Madame B Fatale on September 19, 2011

Just a quick photo post to show you the process of ‘dip dyeing’ my extensions.


Step 1: Pour colours into separate bowls and lay extensions down flat on either cling wrap or foil.

Step 2: Paint each section. I started with the pink, then went onto the purple ends and blended the blues in the middle.

Step 3: Leave to dry, Of course you can blow dry them but I usually just let them air dry outside.

Step 3: This is how I hang them to style. They are actually clipped onto my robe tie ribbon thingy and then tied to my shower curtain rod. (note: picture does not show them styled)

That’s is, its really that simple! I don’t have any photo’s of them in at the moment oh and I also added hot pink to the light purple ends so its more of a magenta colour now.








I used:

Fudge Pink moon

Wakk Blue mixed with conditioner for the lighter blue and without

for the darker blue

Fudge Blueberry Hill lightened completely with conditioner

I also mixed some BabylissPro Argon Oil into the colours


Madame B Fatale


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