Death Rays

by Madame B Fatale on December 2, 2011

It’s no secret these days that sun tanning not only causes serious skin cancers but also pre-mature aging. Hence the rise of so many fake tanning products now available and SPF being added to our makeup. For some reason even with all these ‘safer’ alternatives slip, slop, slapping just isn’t cool.

Living in the “sunshine state’, so close to the beach, I see people tanning in the sun or solariums constantly.

I myself aren’t much of a tanner, I quite like my moon tan but on the odd occasion I do apply a light gradual tanner ( my choice: Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion RRP$10.52) to kind of even out my freckles, or to make my legs look a little less ‘transparent’. If I’m feeling a little more daring as rare as it may be, I may go on step further and apply an all over tan. I’ve had pretty good results with SugarBaby Suntanned Sweeties Golden Glamour ($RRP19.95 AUD) it’s a spray can type tan) and I’ve heard many great reviews of St Tropez tanners.

*When choosing a fake tan its best to choose one that states that it has an ‘olive’ (green) tint as you are more likely to want an island chic glow rather than a Sunkist orange, (if you get my drift).

olay spf kit spf 30+Makeup wise it’s great that SPF is available as an extra in say your foundation or tinted moisturizer but remember sunscreen is meant to be applied every 2 hours and unless you are planning on constantly re-applying your foundation all day your best bet is to first apply a sunscreen to your face like Olay’s complete defence daily UV moisturizing lotion (RRP$14.69AUD) or Kit’s Face Sunscreen ($31.95) both of which are SPF30+ and broad spectrum, if you are planning on staying out in the sun. But it will still need to be re-applied.

When choosing a sunscreen, (fake tanners are NOT a replacement for sunscreen) make sure you choose one that has a broad spectrum, preferably 30+ (as far as I know that’s the highest in Australia) and its always best to go for a water resistant variety.

If you are in Australia and are an iPhone user The Cancer Council has released a free SunSmart app that tells you what times sun protection is needed most, a sunscreen reminder and information about vitamin D.

So, with anti-aging products and procedures at what seem to be an all-time high and these fake tans so readily available, why is the ‘beach’ lifestyle and look more important than staying sun safe?



Madame B Fatale


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