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I entered, let me tell you I found it near impossible to fit in everything I wanted to in under 2 minutes! Here it is below…

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I would love it if you would take the time to vote for me, all you have to do is go over to the website by clicking this link and then click on the love button for my entry its as easy as that! You can also share via Facebook if you would like. There are pages and pages of entries on the beautyheaven website at the moment and the voting ends on Jan 9th.

While your over at the site you might as well look around, its pretty great featuring product reviews, new launches, forums and weekly giveaways for it members (which is also free).

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Madame B


Friends & Family Coupon Code for SkinCareRx

Fancy some new skincare or are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member, well if you are here’s a 25% off coupon code for you to use at SkincareRX where you can find SkinMedica products and more! They even have a nifty Gift Idea’s section.

The code is: FF25 & ends December 1st so get shopping!

The site also features an area where you can submit reviews on items you’ve used and purchased, great way to see others opinions on the products before buying!


Madame B


Me, MIA…. Sorry Dolls!

It’s been pretty damn quite around here lately, so quiet I haven’t really been online for a couple of months. Well I’ve been online but not really blogging or vlogging.

Why you may ask? The first part is simple, I went on a bit of a holiday for a couple of weeks with some friends, got to go to IMATS, see the Tim Burton Exhibition and a few gigs. Yes I had a rather lovely time thanks for asking! All of this was going pretty swell until I returned home and found my computer completely shagged! I mean shagged, no turning on , no noises of distress or lights, anything. So whilst that’s been getting fixed I have only had access to the internet from a rather old and tired Laptop that basically refuses to run any software. The computer itself is up and running –ish, I am now having a few sound problems, actually I have no sound. Which let me tell you makes editing near impossible!

The reason why its all been taking so long is because pretty much the day after some loony bastard wrote off our car. Whilst we were sleeping and it was parked out the front of our house. Of course the driver had no manners and decided to drive off rather than leave its details, so we had also been without car.

Basically that was the longest way of saying that I’m back and I won’t be neglecting this space anymore.

I’ll leave you with a picture…. Oh wait sorry I wont, the bf took the other hard drive to work 🙁

So what have you all been up to? Anything exciting?

See you soon 😉

Madame B


IMATS – Early Bird Tickets


Just a quick reminder to buy your tickets today or tomorrow to save lining up and paying extra at the door!

When: 18th and 19th September 2010

Where: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

Time: Opening hours: 8:30am – 5pm Saturday; 10am – 5pm Sunday

Price and purchase: Admission price: $35 for a one-day pass, $60 for a two-day pass if purchased prior to show via Prices at the door will be $40 for a one-day pass and $70 for a two day pass.


Getting excited? I know I am!

Madame B


Father’s Day – Last minute gift idea’s

Forgot to grab dad a present for father’s day?

Here are a few quick gift sets that you still may be able to pick up for dad!



Wash and Wear Gift Pack


Daily Face Wash (150g)

Rejuvenating Face Cream (100g)

Purifying Face Scrub (100g)

Spice of Life Body Wash (150g)

Smart black toiletry bag



For Him Gift Pack


Spice of Life Body Wash (150ml)

Natio Man Eau de Toilette (50ml)

Slim-line gift tin

Clarins Men


5 Piece Gift Pack

$68.00 (Valued at $109.00)

Active Face Wash 125ml
Active Face Scrub 15ml
Total Shampoo for Hair & Body 30ml
Moisture Balm 50ml
Skin Difference 2x3ml
Wet Pack


I love when these limited edition packs are released around holidays, they are great to buy and have in your just in case presents stash!

Does anyone else do that?


Madame B


IMATS Sydney 2010

IMATS Sydney 2010 is getting closer and closer, in a few weeks it will be here and I can’t express how excited I really am. This is the second year the show will be in Australia, and after missing out last year I just had to go this year!

What excites me most? Being able to see so many products in person that normally I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to. In particular I think I’ll be looking for new brushes, and OCC products.

Besides the products there are some pretty awesome speakers scheduled for the days that I’m looking forward to as well.

I guess I just wanted to ask,

Are you going? Did you go last year? What are you looking forward to seeing?

All information about the show can be found at


Madame B


Dhini Nails by CND – RAFW

Colour was CND’s Oilslick and Ice Blue Shimmer. Thumbs and forefingers were embellished with pearl sequins to reflect the empress look of Dhini’s collection.


Images Six6Photography, courtesy of Pacific Nail & Beauty.


Madame B


The Boss of Gloss

As Tyra might say the competition was fierce but there could only be one winner and thanks to Primped and Estee Lauder Cathy Mason has been crowned 2010’s The Boss of Gloss.

“It feels a bit strange, I really didn’t expect it. Jana from PRIMPED called me up to give me the news. I was very surprised. I was jumping up and down screaming and my 2 year old after looking at me strangely for a few seconds joined in shouting “go mummy! Yay mummy!”  Cathy says of finding out she had won.

Cathy breezed into the final with fellow makeup artist Amelia Axton , after the two videos were submitted Cathy’s victory was sealed with 2491 votes.


I have a certificate from TAFE. But I would say I’m mainly self-taught. From a very young age I would search through magazines to find makeup to copy and I’d watch the news just to see how the anchor women had their makeup done. I taught myself eye shadow contouring when I was 11 just by looking at an eye shadow palette and noticing there was several shades of the same colour. I’ve also learnt from observing other makeup artists. But all that said, I don’t think I have, nor do I want to ever stop learning.

I find inspiration everywhere. Books, magazines, internet, television, film, nature, people I meet, places I go or even music I hear. I couldn’t pick out one thing as most inspiring, I’m always looking for inspiration in everyday.

Bad makeup day??

First always look after your skin, cleanse and moisturise twice a day and never ever sleep in your makeup, great makeup starts with what’s beneath it all. Secondly if you’ve tried and tried and your makeup just isn’t working for you then just keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with “natural” looking makeup.

Favourite Estee Lauder product?

I love the Double Wear Foundation.

Eyeshadow or Lipstick?

Eye shadow, only because it’s a little more fun and you can really go wild with it.

Red or Nude Lips?

I love nude lips so you can go wild with the eyes. That said, I think it’s important to note that every woman can wear either, it just comes down to tone.

Liquid, Cream or Pencil liner?

Liquid for upper lashes and pencil for lower lashes. Pencil liner is easiest to manoeuvre, so if you’re new to eyeliner pick pencil.

“Cathy, a full-time mum, will get a terrific kick-start in her makeup career with her Boss of Gloss title. She will now work with Foster and PRIMPED beauty editor Yasemin Turker on a professional film shoot to create a set of four PRIMPED How to videos, leaving her with a slick video CV and a legion of fans. She’ll also receive a $2000 Estée Lauder makeup kit to ensure she’s thoroughly equipped for her new career.”

Primped and Primpers alike are eagerly awaiting next years Boss of Gloss!

“We believed Boss of Gloss had legs. We knew that our readers had a strong understanding of makeup and a keen interest in sharing their skills, so yep, we knew it would be a winner.” says Yasemin of the competitions success.

You can see Cathy’s winning entry over at Primped , Also her own website and why don’t you go and join her facebook group page

Madame B