Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System a Review

The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System claims to cleanse skin better than basic cleansing alone, up to four times better.  But did it work for me?

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Review

  •        Packaged neatly in a box complete with batteries, device, brush head, and a small cleanser the cleansing system is ready to use immediately.  (Awesome for me since I have a terrible time remembering to buy the correct batteries).
  •         There are two rotating settings on the device, one slow and one a little faster. There isn’t a timer on it though so have to guess how long you use it for. The recommended time is 60 Seconds.
  •         After using the device on my face my skin feels very clean but not tight. I did have issues with the cleanser breaking me out and I actually tried the cleansing system with a number of cleansers with varying     results. I’m putting this down to my skin acting up to certain things while being pregnant.
  •        The device easily removes my makeup but I do prefer to wipe the majority off with a makeup wipe then to follow with the The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System for a really good double cleanse.
  •         The brush heads are meant to be replaced every 3 months and retail for $9.99. They are fairly easy to keep clean by washing after use but once a week I also went over it with my brush cleanser. Can’t be too clean right?
  •        The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System is water resistant so while it can be used in the shower it cannot be submerged in water. (Not that you would want to)

Although the pack actually comes with batteries a few months or so after I started using the device I thought it would be a great idea to replace them with Aldi re-chargeable batteries. This was a great idea until they ran out of charge and I tried to take them out. They got stuck (due to the batteries having a thick skin coating) and I absolutely could not get them out and ended up accidently flinging the device across the room trying to do so. So moral of the story, Aldi re-chagables are too thick!

Would I buy the The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System again, I was actually planning on it after the battery debacle but I saw that the newish Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Contoured Cleansing System and caved and bought that instead to see the difference, I’m using it now and report back at a later date.

Price: Device and cleanser $32.49 AUD RRP

            Replacement Brush heads $9.99

Where to buy: Priceline, Target, and most large retailers.

For more information visit the Olay Website here

Madame B Fatale


Disclosure: Cleansing System was sent to me for review consideration. As always opinions are my own.

Products I’ve been using– Face and Body

I guess I should start off by saying Happy New Year and I hope everyone has had a lovely time throughout the holidays!

power white toothpaste witch hazel facial scrub

Starting off with the Power White Toothpaste* I was gifted in the Lust Have it bag at BBU. I started to use this last month and its definitely helping, especially considering I am an all day coffee drinker amongst other things and I know that doesn’t help. I will be purchasing this again and I think I might even purchase one of the whitening kits as well.

For my toner I have been using the very cheap T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel which I don’t think I had used in years but am quickly remembering how much i loved it. (more…)

PMD Microdermabrasion at home –a review

You may have read the title and thought why the hell is she doing, microdermabrasion at home….? .As you all know I do love do it yourself projects but I would usually rather a professional treating any major skin issues. But I was just too damn curious about the PMD to pass up the offer of reviewing one of the devices.microdermabrasion at home pmd device and replacement discs

Before the PMD arrived I read as many reviews as I could find, watched The Doctors segment and a few other videos and became more and more excited to trial the device. I mean I did come across a few reviews that didn’t rate it highly but from what I could tell from the instructions I had also read a lot of these were more than likely due to them having too sensitive skin, using it more than once a week or holding the device on for too long. (more…)

Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL

Today I have a rather exciting product to give you an overview of and my impressions so far, the Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL hair removal system.

philips lumea precision plus packaging

I am one of those girls that don’t mind waxing, I have gotten used to the pain but I will avoid it as much as possible as I really dislike waiting for the hair to become long enough to wax again. So I usually end up shaving, which is fast but still annoying because I’m also one of those people with extremely fast hair growth (on my legs at least) and could probably shave everyday. So when the opportunity to trial the new Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL was offered to me I literally jumped at the chance. I have tried IPL before so I already knew what the process was like and I was pretty comfortable with the idea. (more…)

Death Rays

It’s no secret these days that sun tanning not only causes serious skin cancers but also pre-mature aging. Hence the rise of so many fake tanning products now available and SPF being added to our makeup. For some reason even with all these ‘safer’ alternatives slip, slop, slapping just isn’t cool.

Living in the “sunshine state’, so close to the beach, I see people tanning in the sun or solariums constantly.

I myself aren’t much of a tanner, I quite like my moon tan but on the odd occasion I do apply a light gradual tanner ( my choice: Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion RRP$10.52) to kind of even out my freckles, or to make my legs look a little less ‘transparent’. If I’m feeling a little more daring as rare as it may be, I may go on step further and apply an all over tan. I’ve had pretty good results with SugarBaby Suntanned Sweeties Golden Glamour ($RRP19.95 AUD) it’s a spray can type tan) and I’ve heard many great reviews of St Tropez tanners.

*When choosing a fake tan its best to choose one that states that it has an ‘olive’ (green) tint as you are more likely to want an island chic glow rather than a Sunkist orange, (if you get my drift).

olay spf kit spf 30+ (more…)

Have you done your good deed for the day?

You’ve heard me rave on and on about how Trilogy make some fabulous products that are not only ethically but environmentally responsible before a few times now and todays no different!

“Trilogy’s ongoing campaign to help endangered orangutans in South East Asia launched in 2009 and has received enormous public support. To date Trilogy has raised $32,000* for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, the world’s largest orangutan rescue sanctuary.”

Trilogy BOS PR Image 1

Starting today every person that visits the Trilogy site and pledges their name they will donate $1.00 to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

So how can you help?

1. Go to www.trilogyproducts.com and follow the orangutan.

2. Pledge your name and Trilogy will donate $1.00 to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation!

3. Spread the word! As Trilogy are donating $1.00 to every single person who pledges.

Trilogy BOS PR Image 2Its that simple,  you don’t even have to buy anything, but I must say if you haven’t bought and tried Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil your crazy!

I promise it will only take a few moments of your time.

For further information about how the foundation actively rescues and rehabilitates the orangutans visit www.savetheorangutan.org

To learn more about Trilogy visit www.trilogyproducts.com and www.facebook.com/trilogyproducts

Madame B Fatale


Gillette introduces a new razor and I got to introduce the boyfriend into my world….

You would be safe to assume that since I’m so beauty/hair/product obsessed that my boyfriend would be also into the whole male grooming practices, but to be honest this couldn’t be further from the truth. He rarely shaves (hair growth is super slow) and before getting these products he had no idea what an exfoliator was. Now I’ve tried to get him into the whole cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise routine for what seems like forever. I’ve bought him products and they have literally been sitting in a draw piling up and never been able to convince him to actually use them. His routine is wash face with water maybe some soap if he’s feeling fancy (LOL), shave if needed with some sort of shaving cream he puts no thought into buying and finished off with deodorant and perfume/manfume (which is generally purchased by me)….

Gillette Shaving Gel, Razor, Scrub and Cooling Balm


Cellnique Review!

I’m back with my latest video review on a couple of Cellnique products.
I was sent both the   Amino Collagen C Intense Set image(US$96) and the Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion (US$73) to trial. image

The Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion (moisturiser)worked well, it absorbed into my skin within a few minutes without leaving that nasty greasy feeling and also hasn’t interfered with my makeup routine. After applying I found that my skin had a slightly ‘tacky’ feeling but this went away after a couple of minutes once it is fully absorbed.
The Serum set is my favourite out of the two products, I started seeing results within the first week! I have always had a bit of a problem with skin discolouration and in the past I wouldn’t usually just use a tinted moisturiser on a daily basis but after using these products I have started to! My skin is far from perfect but I can personally see a vast improvement.You will be able to see from the two comparison photo’s below that my skin is defiantly lighter and brighter. Another thing to note is that I haven’t broken out once since using them, (bar the one on my chin but this is stress/hormonal related so I don’t count that!)

day 1101_9567

I have been using the products for almost two months now and I still have plenty of the moisturiser left but the serums have ran out. I did use the serums both day and night and I believe this is how I had such success in the first week. To save product I imagine you could use them once in the day or night after the initial few weeks.
Overall I have been very impressed with the products as I can see a vast difference in my skin. Although I would love to keep using them sadly its not something that I can realistically afford at the moment.

Madame B
Cellnique were kind enough to send these to me for potential review.