Juicy Couture – Couture Couture


The bottle itself is exquisite, a sparkling falcon wrapped in a pink and gold zipper with a g&p charm finished with a gorgeous gold lid this will look fabulous atop your vanity.

I personally adore Juicy Couture Couture, I get so many compliments every time I wear it! I find it to be very long lasting and has been my number one choice of perfume for the evening. But it does appear to be one of those love it or hate it fragrances.
I have tried all the Juicy Couture fragrances and I feel this is the more ‘mature’ of the three, a little less girly girl and a bit more womanly. The scent opens slightly sweet and dries down to a powdery finish, It’s neither too overpowering or sugary, which is what I like.

Along with this release there is a range of limited editions,

"Couture Couture Limited Editions feature products for the body and home to lightly fragrance the skin and environment with the popular Couture Couture scent."

These are stunning and would make a beautiful gift for any special female in your life.

Couture Couture Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml-$85 / 50ml-$120 / 100ml-$160
Dusting Powder 100mL $75
Body Creme 200mL $75
Dry Oil Spray 200mL $65 (my pick, dry oil sprays are a firm fragrance favourite of mine)
Sugar Scrub 285g $75
Solid Perfume Bracelet  $85 (to be released)
Candle in Crystal Goblet $500

(All Australian RRP)

Available in Australia nationwide from April 25th (Sunday) 2010

Madame B


Sample provided for reviewing purposes

Review: Trilogy Everything Balm

Everything Balm_Productonly_



Well the names says it all -“Everything Balm” really is for everything, and in this economic climate its always a bonus to be able to purchase a product that is so  multi-useful. Another plus is the completely environmentally friendly packaging, 100% natural active fair trade ingredients and fragrances and no animal testing.

“Everything in here is real and natural and has no preservatives, creating beauty that is only skin deep, because no-one really cares about having good looking tonsils.”

This multi-tasker helps to save you time and money, its a great moisturiser for all skin types. Helps to hydrate your skin, great for the body, chapped lips, nails and cuticles, as a massage oil and also can be used to sooth nappy rash ( an alternative to mineral oil based baby care).

everythingbalm2One of the great things about the Everything Balm is the packaging, besides the cute little pouch it comes in it also features a spatula which makes it hygienic to scoop out what you need and doesn’t contaminate the rest of the tub! I found this very appealing as I use it mainly on my heels and lips. ( you are probably aware by now how I can be a tad OCD where hygiene is concerned)

If you have ever tried the Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream (still also a firm favourite as well) I would compare it to that, yes that’s how good it is!

I have been using this for well over a month now and I’ve barely used much at all, I can see this lasting a long time. All you need is a tiny scoop because when you heat it up in your hands it spreads very well.

This can be bought in two handy sizes the 95ml $30AUD(this is huge and will last a VERY long time, pictured) and 45ml $18AUD(perfect for travelling with). The ingredients include: 100% free-range honey, coconut oil, marula oil, rosehip oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil and evening primrose oil.

everythingbalmI could possibly go on and on about how impressed I am with the product but I don’t want to ramble on forever. Instead I’ll leave you with another picture of the product.




Madame B


This was given to me, but as always opinions are my own. I wouldn’t waste my time or yours by talking up a product I didn’t like or find useful!

Review : Macadamia Natural Oil

oil vial 10ml-flat HR

Basically I think that this stuff (for my hair) is amazing.



here’s the ad/commercial and example video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I97vqk…
and website http://www.macadamiahair.com/

Have you tried these products?? What do you think?

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Benefit Smokin’ Eyes palette

They say,

"Benefit Smokin’ Eyes is a complete brow and eye kit to create a sexy, smoky professional look. Each kit contains eye bright, three eye shadows in pink, pewter and deep charcoal, liner, shaping wax, a fluff shadow / hard angle brush, tiny tweezers and an illustrated lesson."


image I say,

Retailing at $68(AUD) this nifty little palette contains not only all you need to create that smouldering smokey eye but is also versatile enough for many other looks. I was originally planning on creating a smokey eye with the palette, but then I realised that since it already contains instructions to in a cute booklet I might as well show you that it can be used for other looks too.

Both the eyebright and pencil liner can be used as base shadows or the original intended use as a highlight and liner. The shadows can be used all together to create a smokey eye or individually to create other looks. Having added the brow wax, ‘tweezies’ and dual ended applicator this is also a great idea if you are staying overnight somewhere or travelling. All else you would need would be a multi-purpose lip and cheek product, such a poise-tint, mascara and maybe a gloss or a balm.


Here is the tutorial I created with this palette, hope you like it!


Madame B


Review -MOR Little Luxuries


Hey dolls,

Here is my review for MOR’s Little Luxuries range, the set I’m reviewing is the Lychee Flower scent.


(I didn’t leave the tin at my friends, I have no idea what I did with it 🙁 )

Sorry, been MIA yet again. It has been a busy week.


Madame B


Long Term Relationship Hair!!

You may all think that I’ve gone a little Valentines mad, well I kind of have !!!!

I was sent these products and have been using them for about 2 weeks (maybe 3).


“Love your luscious long locks, or always coveted long hair, but could never quiet go the full distance? Now you can help kiss breakage goodbye and embrace the perfect partner for enjoying a lifelong love affair with long hair – introducing Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship

Scientifically formulated specifically for long tresses, Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship puts the love pack into your hair.”

The first thing I really love about them is the scent, its divine without being over powering. I guess this isn’t really new as Herbal essences Shampoo’s and Conditioners have always had a lovely scent about them!

Like I said I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and I have been pleasantly surprised. My hair is smoother and definitely shinier! The other thing I noticed is that I’m not having to wash my hair as often, which as you all know is a plus for me because the red fades quicker if I have to wash it more than twice a week! The mask is so thick and would recommend trying it out too! For  RRP $6.49 and $7.99 its a price you really can’t beat. And who doesn’t love a product that does more for less!

Fragrance – Red raspberry and satin, inspired by nature’s essence and blooming with luscious fragrance:
• Top notes – berry custard brulee, blackberry juice, plum and wild strawberry
• Middle notes – red velvet dream cake, violet flower, jasmine petal and red orchid
• Base notes – chocolate cherry melt-away, sensual woods and musk

(doesn’t it sound almost edible!!)


Even more Valentines posts on the way!!!!!

Madame B



Review Revlon Lashes

I was sent these lashes to do a review on from a lovely Revlon rep..



From website:

“REVLON® Fantasy Lengths™ Maximum Wear eyelashes are a revolutionary way to go from Plain Jane to Naturally Fantastic instantly. Without messy glue to fumble with – you can have perfect lashes that stay where you want them to – even in water!”

Here are My thoughts

To be honest, at first i was very sceptical about these actually working. To me these  seemed more like a fad than anything else.

But, I was pleasantly surprised! The adhesive band was very sticky and made for a very quick application without having to wait for a regular glue to get tacky.

I would definitely recommend using  the applicator tool, they stuck far better when i did use this. (You can also use it against the top as a guard to apply mascara to blend the falsies and your own together!) Also when applying, put in place hold down inner then outer and then hold down the entire strip with the applicator. I found this to be the best method.

The other thing i would recommend is that you should wear a black liner on your top lash line to blend the lashes with your own. As the glue adhesive band is black.

The lashes give a ‘natural’ effect and i think would be suitable for everyday wear. They are very flexible yet strong, and didn’t come apart when i cleaned them as some lashes do.

I tried the first pair on my sister without any makeup just to see how they apply. (as you can see she does have cosmetic tattooing but it has faded, a little bit of black liner would have blended the line nicely)


with out lashes


with lashes




She really isn’t used to wearing lashes, as hers are pretty full anyway. She said she was surprised that she didn’t have a heavy feeling from them!

Here i applied a set on me but with blue liner, a black liner would have worked better though.




A very natural effect!

The  next lot were



from the website

“Glamorize your eyes! Instantly get beautiful sexy lashes in a snap with REVLON® Fantasy Lengths™ Maximum Wear Glue On eyelashes. Glue included.”

These are the types of lashes that I’m used to.

They also give a lovely effect but are a bit fuller than the self-adhesive kind.

The glue included is actually great, it got tacky fast, dried nicely and lasted all night. There is not much else to say but I’m very pleases with these too!



without mascara


with mascara


These are another pair my favourite. (sorry no picture of package but they are – 91128 LUSH) Also kind of hard to see with all the black sorry again! They come in 4 separated lash sections and look so pretty!







(Oh and the last three are actually from upcoming tutorials!)


As many of you know i  mainly use those lashes from sets on eBay in my tutorials, and whilst I do love them these lashes are lighter, more flexible and definitely easier to apply.

They also give a more natural effect, I know many of you aren’t comfortable with the full on  lashes that i tend to wear and these are a great other option to give a similar effect but  easier to wear.

So what I’m trying to say is

  • Both types are very flexible for an easy fit
  • They are all light and you barely even notice your wearing them
  • Gives a lovely fluttery natural look
  • Easy to apply
  • Nifty little applicator included in the self-adhesive
  • Easy to clean

So you can now make up your own mind from these pictures!!

Madame B