Kylies Professional Mineral Makeup

    Kylies Professional Mineral Makeup is an Australian business owned by a local Makeup Artist and Salon owner here on the Gold Coast. The range is hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

• Contains No perfumes
• Contains No Bismuth Oxycloride
• Contains No synthetic colours
• Contains No Parabens or Sulphates
• Is 100% talc free
• Is 100% lanolin free
• Is 100% Gluten free
• Is 100% vegan – No animal content

Here are the swatches on my arms, dry applied on top of the eye and lip primer from the range



These are the brightest colours from the range.

I really love Skye and Water, they remind me of Marie Antoinette for some reason!

My favourite three colours would have to be Mermaid, Amythest and Tangello


The next lot are the neutrals I was sent to try.

Great everyday colours that could easily become staples in your kit.

Bamboo is the perfect matte highlight for me, storm is a lovely greyish taupe and Bark has been my first choice to use on my brows.


Beauty is also gorgeous, its a little darker IRL but just as if not more sparkly!




These are some of the lighter colours.

Gold, Apricot and Diamond all look fabulous over other shadows or alone as a light sparkly wash of colour.

White Light is a true pearlescent white.





Lotus is the blush I was sent, lovely shimmery pinky blush, best applied on cheek bones and not to far onto the cheeks themselves if you are worried about drawing attention to your pores.

Olive is the perfect name for the shadow, it is exactly what it reminds me of with the addition of a slight shimmer.

Spring is a fresh sparkly green, great for the inner v and lid area. Nature is a shimmery forest green that looks stunning as a liner.


My favourite combinations so far are    

Mermaid (lid), Amythest (crease) with Bamboo (highlight)

Tangello (lid), Amythest (crease) with Bamboo (highlight)

Beauty (lid), Onyx (crease), Apricot (inner v) with Bamboo (highlight)

Blossom (lid), Tangello (crease), Wisdom (outer v) with Bamboo to highlight

Bamboo (lid), Stone (outer v) White Light (highlight) with Nature (liner)

Midnight (lid), Skye (crease) Bamboo (highlight)

Yes I may be a little obsessed with Bamboo!


You can visit the and

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Madame B


Hairvenly Hair Extensions


The main problem with clip in extensions usually are the weight and quality of the hair, as Hairvenly Extensions are 100% Human Remy hair and also a thick 160grams I have found that they easily blend into the thickness of my own hair. The hair itself is so soft and silky I wish it was my own hair!

As I have recently went blonde from red I still have a mix of golden and strawberry tones so I picked the strawberry blonde extensions from the 11 shades they have to offer. I still have to dye my own hair again and will then dye them for a perfect match. Having 11 shades to choose from I am confident that you should be able to find a set to match. Being 100% Human hair gives you the option of being able to dye them to match your current hair colour which synthetic wefts do not. To blend in seamlessly I layered them slightly as my own hair is heavily layered.

Another plus is the clips are coloured matched to the extensions and have a silicone non slip grip so they are not only hidden, but you can feel safe in knowing that they are secure as well!

Washing them is easy, just shampoo and condition and lay flat to dry. You can also give them a deep treatment once a month or so like you would your own hair.

Visit the website for more tips and tricks on keeping them in tip top condition and some glowing customer reviews.

Here are two video’s I have up at the moment…

Weighing in at 160grams, at a length of 20 inches and being 100% Remy Human Hair, these extensions as they would have to be both my new favourite hair accessory and the best quality extensions I’ve used so far.

I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to try these and honestly I can’t stress the importance of thickness and hair quality enough!


Hairvenly hair extensions retail at $199 AUD

10 piece set:
2 x 8inch wefts with 4 clips
2 x 6inch wefts with 3 clips
2 x 4inch wefts with 2 clips
4 x 1inch wefts with 1 clip……

Also, they will be expanding the range soon so keep a lookout for that!

Oh and they also stock the ever popular Moroccan Argon Oil and gorgeous Hair accessories as well.

Madame B


Natio Mineral Range – Swatches


  Australia’s own Natio has just released over a dozen new mineral products to their range.

I was sent these products a couple of weeks ago to test out and have been loving them. Unfortunately I can’t wear the lipstick as I sometimes have a reaction to lavender which this lipstick is full of, so my sister took it and loves the colour! Its a shame because it really is a gorgeous colour. madamebfatale

Here’s a swatch, the colours name is Lip Glow No 4 (sheer dusty pink) , (slightly darker in RL) RRP $15.95


madamebfataleHere are Live (soft pastel pink, slightly on the frosty side) and Soul (rich burgundy red) from the new Full Colour Mineral Lip Gloss range. RRP $15.95

My pick of the these two is Soul, a perfect colour for winter.


Next there are 4 new Mineral Eyeshadow trio’s available in Soft Day (mocha, taupe brulee, soft pink), Smokey Eye (charcoal, mocha, illuminator), Fresh (two soft pinks with creamy taupe) and Subtle Glamour (Shimmery gunshot grey, mauve taupe, gold). RRP $14.95

Smokey Eye Trio

madamebfatale madamebfatale

Subtle Glamour Trio

madamebfatale madamebfatale

As you can see on the back are instructions for an effortless look so they really are foolproof!


These trio’s probably are my pick out of all the new products as they are compact, easy to use (instructions included), a great idea for travel, and the shadows themselves are buttery soft!

The last product I was sent was the Super Long Mascara, I haven’t used this one yet as I already have three mascara’s open so a swatch/review post will come soon! RRP $16.95


Natio never tests on animals, is Australian made and is available from Myer, David Jones, and selected pharmacies.

Originally Released 1st July 2010

Madame B


Heel Huggers, another Gem from Original Sole

Have you ever bought a fabulous pair of new shoes only to ruin the heels on your first few outings? I know I have and this is exactly why I was interested in trialling these out for a few months.

    Protects heels from grass, gravel, wood decks and many other heel hazards.
    Discreet appearance, no adhesive required with heat activated shrink to fit protectors.
    One packet can cover up to 6 pairs of heels and are available in either clear or black.

Whether you spend $20 or $200 on a pair of shoes its always nice to keep them in as pristine condition as possible.  I don’t know about you but I’m always upset with myself when I scuff my heels no matter how much I’ve spent on them.  With this nifty new product all you have to do is cut to fit, slip on the heel and use your hair dryer to shrink to fit to the heel.



Once they are applied the heel huggers blend in nicely with your heels and are barely noticeable. (You do notice them, but not really once they are on from head height).

Another bonus is when the protector starts to wear all you have to do is cut it off and add a new one. So your actual heels are never getting the damage. Available in either clear (for any colour) or black  and come in three heel sizes (widths) so they can be easily applied to almost all heels.

These have been attached to my heels for a few months now and my shoes look as good as new. In my opinion $19.95 to protect up to six pairs of heels is a great investment to pro-long the life of your favourite heels!

These have made me much more confident in wearing my favourite heels to many new places I wouldn’t have before simply from the fear of ruining them.

Madame B


A pair of Heel Huggers were sent to me for review purposes.


I have pictures of them which I will update when I find them, sorry!

Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15- Review


Clarins Everlasting Foundation model “Clarins, the skin care expert, launches EVERLASTING FOUNDATION SPF 15 $65 (AUD RRP), the long-lasting foundation that stays true for 15 hours.”

“What’s the secret? The High Fidelity System,
an invisible microfilm that ensures even coverage and 15 hours of flawless hold. The "Light Optimizing" complex captures, diffuses and amplifies light. Both ensure a radiant and flawless complexion.”

I love spending time on my makeup to get it right before I go out, I do not however enjoy frequent trips to the ladies room to make sure my ‘face’ is still on. This is exactly why I am a fan of a product that lasts, and the Clarins Everlasting Foundation does exactly that. This product was sent to me for trialing purposes and have been using it for close to two months now, (the bottle still has PLENTY left).

Personally my skin is on the drier side so I make sure I moisturise first but with this foundation I’ve actually been skipping my primer and it still lasts! Another plus to this lovely new product is that you really only need a very small amount and with that very small amount I must say it covers like a dream! As you are probably aware by now  I love a medium-full coverage foundation, I love that you can easily thin it down to get the coverage you desire. Your skin is left with a somewhat matte finish, but not dry and dead looking that can be associated with many matte foundations.Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15 30ml $65

Breaking the pro’s down to point form so I don’t ramble on forever…

    Non drying formula that lasts

Triple protection against UV rays

Matte finish without looking dull

  Luxe looking packaging with pump for ease of  use and less product wastage

oh, it has a fruity fragrance! I love products with an added quirk.


Available at Department stores, Clarins Gold Salons and online at

Original release date 10th May 2010

Madame B


Original Sole- a Shoe Lovers Dream!


If your anything like me you probably see a fabulous pair of shoes and buy them consequences be damned. Well I have to admit that in my closet there are so many fabulous pairs of shoes I have never worn more than once simply because they slip, this problem isn’t heels specific either I have flats I’ve worn once never to be worn again from fear of slipping and falling flat on my face.

When I got offered to try these Grips1Cream_largeout saying that I was excited would have to be an understatement. If anything could help me feel safer in some of my favourite shoes that have been sitting in little plastic boxes in the dark I was keen to try out!

I swiftly peeled of the backs and stuck onto a pair of shoes I had been dying to wear. (Making sure the soles are clean and dry) Then I left them overnight and started wearing them the next day!

I have been using these for probably 1-2 months now and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Not only solving the no slip problem they can also help extend the life of your souls as they protect from wear and tear.

They are available in packs of 1 or 2 pairs, prices start at $9.95 and come in black, white and cream petal(pictured) and also RED HEARTS!!! Cute huh!

I love these and am definitely going to go pick up a couple of the heart shaped packs and get sticking them to all my barely used shoes.

Now if someone would invent something to make my favourite heels as comfortable as my wedges!

Madame B


(Sorry about the craptacular photo’s doll’s, I’m having a fight with my camera and as you can see I’m not winning!)

All opinions are my own.

Review: Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream

Vital Jar The  next in the Trilogy review series!

I have dry skin, drier than a rhinoceros, I’m not even exaggerating.   The problem is that I also have large pores and I find that many of the moisturisers I try that are actually moisturising enough clog my pores.

This stuff doesn’t! I couldn’t be happier with the results of the Trilogy products, ( generally I only like one thing from a range). My skin is appearing healthier all-over!

As with the other products this is also environmentally friendly and contains the ever so popular rosehip oil along with evening primrose, carrot and orange flower. The scent I hear is a down fall for some, it is kind of grandma-ish, but having found a moisturiser that works on my dry, dry skin and doesn’t clog my pores I really don’t care!

I use this in the morning after cleansing and at night after cleansing, toning, rosehip oil then the moisturiser. My skin feels softer, no flakies ( i am still exfoliating) and appears more hydrated and fresh.

I honestly don’t know what else to say, there isn’t anything negative I’ve found with it,  and I would have by now I’ve been using it for over 2 months.

Vital Moisturising Cream 60g available  $38.00


Madame B


This was given for reviewing purposes

Review: Trilogy Rosehip Oil


Trilogy Rosehip Oil has been scientifically proven to help the appearance of scars and stretch marks, in fact it has scored 10/10 in an evaluation for its performance!Trilogy - the clinically proven Rosehip oil


I can definitely see and feel the difference and understand why it has been growing in popularity amongst a wide demographic.
Improves skin moisture by up to 44%
Reduces appearance of wrinkles by up to 23%
Improves skin smoothness by up to 21%


Only a small amount is needed (2-3 drops) as this marvellous oil spreads easily and evenly. The lid doubles as a dropper so no product is wasted, (hygienic too!)

I have personally been using this mainly on my décolletage as this is the one area I’m a tad paranoid about aging. I find that it spreads beautifully leaving my skin gleaming with a healthy glow.

I also gave this to my mother to use and she was equally impressed but for a different use. Working as an aged carer she often gets bumps and scratches from the rowdy residents (yes, in an aged care home) and the Rosehip Oil  has definitely been helping her skin to repair quicker and smoother.

The only thing that I’m not overly keen on is the scent, but to be honest it doesn’t last long enough to really bother me. (That’s just me nit-picking)

Overall I find The Trilogy Rosehip oil to work just like it claims, which is refreshing since there are a sea of products that really don’t!

check out my review for the Trilogy Everything Balm here

Madame B


*Sample was received for reviewing purposes