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Choosing which ones to review was hard as there are so many fantastic styles to choose from. I ended up choosing the A218 style as these are a more natural, less dramatic lashes and although these aren’t exactly natural they are compared to the style of lash I would generally go for.

As these aren’t human hair lashes I was kind of expecting them to have that shiny plastic look some of the non natural lashes can have but they are actually quite fine and fluttery!

madame b fatale

I have used them in two of my latest tutorials ( here and eyehere) and worn them out quite a few times and I’ve had numerous wears out of two pairs so I can see this pack of 10 lasting a very long time! Costing only $10.94 (USD) per box of 10 so that’s a little over a dollar a pair and with them lasting quite a few wears per pair they are definitely a bargain!

Another definite plus is that they can be bent and shaped easily and they are also fine which makes them very easy to apply. As always would recommend investing in a good glue, my personal madamebfatalefavourite is Duo, and application will be a breeze.

The site that sent me them was KKCentreHK and they stock a wide array of lashes to choose from plus wigs, makeup, shoes and other stuff as well! Shipping from what I can tell is fairly inexpensive and they have a live help chat if you need any further assistance. Everything else on the site is really inexpensive as well.

So all in all I’ve been really impressed with with the lashes and their performance and also the price. I will definitely purchase some more, maybe not of this style as I don’t think I’ll be running out anytime soon!

Madame B Fatale
The lashes were sent for post consideration.

Permanent Hair Removal, AT HOME!

Ever thought about it, you have, well keep reading!
I was asked if I would like to try the E-ONE IPL machine for 2 months to see the results for myself and review. All though I was nervous at first it has been something I had been dying to try since I remember seeing it on TV a while back. I was also assured that they were after and honest review and not just to sing their praises. So here we are 3 months later and the review.pink_dark_300
EONE is the first of its kind, up until now IPL has been and expensive
procedure available only through salons. Now you are able to do it in the comfort of your home at any time you wish!Now one of the first things I wanted to point out about the EONE is that it definitely isn’t an impulse buy, costing $2495.00 for the system its something that you will want to research for yourself before buying. But if it works, that’s a small portion of what you would be paying in waxing, shaving or salon expenses over the course of a lifetime!
In the two months I had the chance to do two treatments as there are meant to be spaced out between 6-8 months apart.
The E-One really is simple to use, I read the book (twice) and didn’t encounter any problems. It also has a safety feature in which it makes you check off all the safety precautions before you start. I experienced a slight zap when using it, not nearly as painful as I had earlier envisioned! To be honest this was my main fear, that it was going to hurt.
Time wise my second treatment went along a lot faster than my first as I was much more confident with the machine. I would say that it could take up to 45 min for your legs but smaller areas such as your arms/ armpits is much quicker.
But here’s what you really want to know, the results. It is suggested that you do 10-12 treatments before you will experience the full effect and then yearly after that. So I obviously haven’t experienced the maximum results but I can say that my hairs are somewhat thinner and sparser. From these results I could see this working over a longer period of time.
For more information visit E-ONE.

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Wella – System Professionals

Launching this month is Wella’s newly reformulated System Professional Range. I’ve been using the Shine Define Shampoo, Colour Save Conditioner and the Volumize Mask, with lovely results I must say!

“New SP is a celebration of scientific leadership from 130 years of expert knowledge, a deep consumer
understanding and five years of intensive research. The offering combines innovative product formulas
and a revolutionary, personalised hair care service. Exclusively customised to suit each client’s individual
needs, SP is the ultimate in hair perfection.”

 imageStarting with the shampoo, I apply a rather small amount and massage into my hair focusing on the roots. After using although my hair feels clean and fresh it also feels manageable, which is one of the main things I look for in a shampoo, I just cant stand that ‘squeaky clean but knotted’ feeling I am left with so many out there.
Following with the Colour Save conditioner, now focusing the imageproduct on my mid lengths to ends after washing out my hair is left not only soft but silky.
As my hair is bottle blonde I not only have to look out for products that are going to help retain my colour for as long a s possible but also that help give me shine. A drawback of having blonde hair is that its so much harder to get that gorgeous healthy shine that you see in darker colours. But with these products I really am getting the best of both worlds.
imageI then use the Volumize mask instead of the conditioner about once or twice a week. This mask is formulated for thin hair but I have been experiencing lovely results none the less with my thick hair. I use it when I’m planning on doing a blow dry and combined with the Wella High Hair spray I have been getting rather fabulously volumised do with just a blow-dryer and round brush!

“To continue the hair perfection at home, a SP regime tailored to the clients’ needs and desires can be
prescribed to continue the ultimate care experience at home. The line has been refreshed with eight
product categories, featuring new complementary formulas and a range of fast-acting rinse-out
conditioners to allow clients perfect results in between salon visits.”

With the new formulations being released this month your bound to find a new system that works perfectly for you!

Madame B

Products were provided for potential review.

Cellnique Review!

I’m back with my latest video review on a couple of Cellnique products.
I was sent both the   Amino Collagen C Intense Set image(US$96) and the Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion (US$73) to trial. image

The Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion (moisturiser)worked well, it absorbed into my skin within a few minutes without leaving that nasty greasy feeling and also hasn’t interfered with my makeup routine. After applying I found that my skin had a slightly ‘tacky’ feeling but this went away after a couple of minutes once it is fully absorbed.
The Serum set is my favourite out of the two products, I started seeing results within the first week! I have always had a bit of a problem with skin discolouration and in the past I wouldn’t usually just use a tinted moisturiser on a daily basis but after using these products I have started to! My skin is far from perfect but I can personally see a vast improvement.You will be able to see from the two comparison photo’s below that my skin is defiantly lighter and brighter. Another thing to note is that I haven’t broken out once since using them, (bar the one on my chin but this is stress/hormonal related so I don’t count that!)

day 1101_9567

I have been using the products for almost two months now and I still have plenty of the moisturiser left but the serums have ran out. I did use the serums both day and night and I believe this is how I had such success in the first week. To save product I imagine you could use them once in the day or night after the initial few weeks.
Overall I have been very impressed with the products as I can see a vast difference in my skin. Although I would love to keep using them sadly its not something that I can realistically afford at the moment.

Madame B
Cellnique were kind enough to send these to me for potential review.

Beauty Companies Donating To the Flood Relief Appeal

By now I’m sure you are all aware of the devastating floods we are experiencing here in Australia. Here are some Beauty companies that are donating sales profits to the Flood Relief Appeal.


Makeup an Glow are a Brisbane based business that have an online store. Their retail store opened only one day before having to be closed due to flooding, luckily they are only experiencing minor financial loses at this time and have decided to have a 20% off sale (starting Sunday night at 6pm) with all Australian Orders shipping free. They are the donating 10% of all profits to The Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal from the Sunday night until the following Friday at 6pm.

Also if you are in the area they will be re-opening on Monday morning at 9 am and are offering free goody bags to customers.


Next up is MOR who are also donating, 25% of all E-Boutique Sales to the QLD Premier’s Disaster Relief from the 12th of January through to the 13th February 2011.

POLA Skincare and Cosmetics are also donating 10% of online sales to the Premier’s Flood Relief until the 23rd of January 2011.


And last but not least Makeupnet are donating a huge 50% of sales to the Flood Relief for the next 7 days!!


Of course you may also donate directly to the Premier’s Disaster Relief here and if you are able to donate your time to help you can register here.


I will update this If I come across any other store donating!


Madame B


Too Faced Pixie Perfect– Swatches


image_thumb1Recently I had the opportunity to try some products from Apothica and one of the things I chose was the Too Faced Pixie Perfect Set. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, kind of like love at first sight, and I haven’t been disappointed. The set features a Lip gloss in Plush, a mini Shadow Insurance, Lash Injection Mascara, Pixie Perfect Quad and a Blush Duo all in an adorable quilted makeup bag.

Now onto the Swatches, all on bare skin and swatched with a cotton swab.

Pixie Perfect Quad

Velvet Revolver, Exclusive Shade

Totally Toasted, Peach Fuzz

PixiPerfectQuadVelvet revolverExclusive ShadeTotally ToastedPeach Fuzz

Sun Bunny & Papa Don’t Peach Duo

Sun BunnyPapaDon'tPeach duoSun BunnyPapaDon'tPeach duo swatch

Madame B


Ben Nye Swatches

Last year at IMATS I purchased some beautiful Ben Nye Shadows so I thought I’d swatch them for you dolls. I have to say the quality and pigmentation are amazing!

These are all swatched on bare skin with a cotton swab.

First up is LU-6 Sun Yellow

LU-6 Sun Yellow

LU-6 Sun Yellow Swatch

LU-12 Cosmic Blue

Lu-12 Cosmic Blue

Lu-12 Cosmic Blue Swatch

LU-155 Cherry Red

Lu-155 Cherry Red

Lu-155 Cherry Red Swatch

LX-16 Azalea

Lx-16 Azalea

Lx-16 Azalea Swatch

LXS-17 Cosmic Violet Sparkle

LXS-17 Cosmic Violet Sparkle

LXS-17 Cosmic Violet Sparkle Swatch

I can’t wait to get more, these colours really pop! Look out for a few tutorials featuring these soon.


Madame B


Last Minute Christmas Shopping–Online

Here are a couple of Online shops you can still order from to get just in time for Christmas if you order by tomorrow afternoon! (Aust only, Express Post options)



imageHave a page dedicated to XMAS Gift Idea’s under $50! Including these cute Cargo 7in7 Mini Kits(AUD $49)






Also have a Christmas gift sets page featuring a wide arrange of Makeup artist and enthusiast specials like the OCC 6 of the Best Lip Tar Gift Set which includes Hush, NSFW, Anime, Grandma, Memento, and Clear ($79AUD)!

RY. Recreate Yourself

imageHave some Christmas specials going on. My pick? Well I love MOR and they have the Mr. Partridge Christmas gift pack for $45.95!



They also have a wide arrange of Napoleon Perdis products.

(I have a review of one of the blush duo’s and the site coming soon!)



Have some Christmas Gift Packs that are $10 off at the moment and also offer express shipping ($9.95 or free registered post if you spend over $49 and don’t mind getting it later).


So there’s my last minute online deals, have you finished your holiday shopping?

Madame B