DIY: Last minute Christmas gifts! Part 1

These are not only a nice DIY gift but also fun and budget friendly!

Great stocking fillers or to add to a homemade gift basket!

Bath Salts in a jar

All you need is

Epsom Salts (plain, white)

Food Colouring

Essential Oils of your choice

Determine how much Epsom Salts you’ll need by filling your jar with them them tip into a mixing bowl. Stir in your desired Essential Oils and Food colouring and mix well. Then all you have to do is spread them out onto some baking paper to dry for a few hours then put into your chosen jar with handmade gift tag!

Want it to be Christmas themed?? Separate into two bowls making white and red salts and use peppermint essential oil then layer the two colours like  candy cane.

What about using Christmas spices like cinnamon.

A relaxing mix of Lavender and other essential oils.

You can be as creative as you like and use any oils or colours of your choice

To store and gift these all you need is

An air tight jar

(you can use old ones just sterilized and make a cute cover, with fabric and ribbon,  like homemade jams!)

A Handmade Label with ingredients and directions

I’ll post a few more of these over the next few days!

Madame B


My favourite Brushes!

I will include my video response (with pictures) at the end of the post but I though I might take this time to write down some of my thoughts of these brushes!

The Smashbox #24

I adore this brush for all powders!! For not only initial application but also for contouring and buffing out if I’ve accidently gone a little heavy.

The brush is nice and soft dense, and has held up really well over the two years I’ve had it.

The Smashbox #23

Lovely brush, I would probably use this daily.

The brush it self is also soft and dense, give more control with contouring and highlighting than other brushes I’ve tried.

I’ve had this the same amount of time as the #24

The Ecotools Eyeliner brush

I love this as an eyebrow brush. Gives a great finish. My favourite eyebrow brush I have.

I think its too soft for use as an eyeliner brush though 🙁

The  Shiseido Eyeliner Brush

This came as a travel size with their creme eyeliner I purchased. This would be the perfect brush if only it was longer. I love it!

Great control, still very soft but gives a perfect line.

The Mac 187

I pretty much fell in love with this brush as soon as I got it ! (LOL) I use it for not only liquid foundation but also my cream ones too. Give the most natural finish and is quick.

I also use it for both cream and powder blushes.  Bronzer too, as I’m very pale and I only ever want a very light application.

The Mac 219

This brush gives perfect control for the crease, under and around eye area’s.  I also love it for detailed blending.

Thanks for reading 😉

Here’s the Video

Madame B


Review Revlon Lashes

I was sent these lashes to do a review on from a lovely Revlon rep..



From website:

“REVLON® Fantasy Lengths™ Maximum Wear eyelashes are a revolutionary way to go from Plain Jane to Naturally Fantastic instantly. Without messy glue to fumble with – you can have perfect lashes that stay where you want them to – even in water!”

Here are My thoughts

To be honest, at first i was very sceptical about these actually working. To me these  seemed more like a fad than anything else.

But, I was pleasantly surprised! The adhesive band was very sticky and made for a very quick application without having to wait for a regular glue to get tacky.

I would definitely recommend using  the applicator tool, they stuck far better when i did use this. (You can also use it against the top as a guard to apply mascara to blend the falsies and your own together!) Also when applying, put in place hold down inner then outer and then hold down the entire strip with the applicator. I found this to be the best method.

The other thing i would recommend is that you should wear a black liner on your top lash line to blend the lashes with your own. As the glue adhesive band is black.

The lashes give a ‘natural’ effect and i think would be suitable for everyday wear. They are very flexible yet strong, and didn’t come apart when i cleaned them as some lashes do.

I tried the first pair on my sister without any makeup just to see how they apply. (as you can see she does have cosmetic tattooing but it has faded, a little bit of black liner would have blended the line nicely)


with out lashes


with lashes




She really isn’t used to wearing lashes, as hers are pretty full anyway. She said she was surprised that she didn’t have a heavy feeling from them!

Here i applied a set on me but with blue liner, a black liner would have worked better though.




A very natural effect!

The  next lot were



from the website

“Glamorize your eyes! Instantly get beautiful sexy lashes in a snap with REVLON® Fantasy Lengths™ Maximum Wear Glue On eyelashes. Glue included.”

These are the types of lashes that I’m used to.

They also give a lovely effect but are a bit fuller than the self-adhesive kind.

The glue included is actually great, it got tacky fast, dried nicely and lasted all night. There is not much else to say but I’m very pleases with these too!



without mascara


with mascara


These are another pair my favourite. (sorry no picture of package but they are – 91128 LUSH) Also kind of hard to see with all the black sorry again! They come in 4 separated lash sections and look so pretty!







(Oh and the last three are actually from upcoming tutorials!)


As many of you know i  mainly use those lashes from sets on eBay in my tutorials, and whilst I do love them these lashes are lighter, more flexible and definitely easier to apply.

They also give a more natural effect, I know many of you aren’t comfortable with the full on  lashes that i tend to wear and these are a great other option to give a similar effect but  easier to wear.

So what I’m trying to say is

  • Both types are very flexible for an easy fit
  • They are all light and you barely even notice your wearing them
  • Gives a lovely fluttery natural look
  • Easy to apply
  • Nifty little applicator included in the self-adhesive
  • Easy to clean

So you can now make up your own mind from these pictures!!

Madame B



What I’m Loving right now



  1. Mac Fix + – Don’t know how I ever lived without it, gives a fantastic dewy finish to base, great to mix with pigments, great to use with pancake foundations and also a great ‘refresher” during the day.


  1. Nail Polish

– Estee Lauder – Berry Cordial : great dark winter colour instead of black

– Rimmel 60 secs – Coralicious : Lovely coral

– Mac – Peppermint Patti : Great colour, pitty about the disappointment of the Mac formula

– Chi Chi – Husband Shopping


  1. Mac 187 Brush – Use with Foundation, Powder, blush and Fix +. Wish I had another 3!


  1. Garnier – Pure – 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub and Mask – Pleasantly surprised with the results!!


  1. Mac Hello Kitty Collection – yeah I’m never getting over this one dolls!!


  1. MOR – Pomegranate Body Butter – Got it as a present at Christmas and only running out now, love it and I will definitely buy again!!!


What else I am loving – Dirt, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, True Blood, Dark Lipsticks, All Cosmetics Wholesale, Sex Kitten


Oh and almost 100 subscribers 🙂 !!!!! Thanks Dolls 🙂


Madame B


Haul – Eyelashes

So, right now I’m in eyelash heaven.

Look what arrived for me 🙂