Quick tip & Mini Review – None Of Your Frizziness Herbal Essences

image001 “ apply some Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Serum(RRP:$9.99 AUD) to a blush brush and lightly sweep over the top layer of hair to smooth any little frizzies”

Who would have thought, not me!



None Of Your Friziness Serum is one of the new products released since Leighton’s new ambassador role. I was sent the product a few weeks ago now and have to say it works like a dream. The scent is gorgeous as usual with all Herbal Essences products, comes in a convenient pump bottle for both ease of use and less product wastage. I apply 1-2 small pumps and run through my hair after blow drying, flat ironing or curling. Definitely lives up to its name by controlling my frizzy strands without interfering with my chosen style,(doesn’t make my curls drop!).

So to sum up its easy to use, actually works, smells gorgeous and its a at a budget friendly price point so a winner all round in my opinion. Cute name too don’t you think!?!

Charles Baker-Strahan, Leighton’s hair stylist and Herbal hair ambassador, says:
“Sleek, straight hair on Leighton really celebrates her beauty which is important to me, but it also highlights her edgier side. She can really go there with fashion as well and I wanted to show the wide range of possibilities we have, not only with Leighton but also with Herbal Essences.”


Madame B


Lime Crime: Playing with Colours

Hi dolls,

Long time no post!!!

Madame B


Original Sole- a Shoe Lovers Dream!


If your anything like me you probably see a fabulous pair of shoes and buy them consequences be damned. Well I have to admit that in my closet there are so many fabulous pairs of shoes I have never worn more than once simply because they slip, this problem isn’t heels specific either I have flats I’ve worn once never to be worn again from fear of slipping and falling flat on my face.

When I got offered to try these Grips1Cream_largeout saying that I was excited would have to be an understatement. If anything could help me feel safer in some of my favourite shoes that have been sitting in little plastic boxes in the dark I was keen to try out!

I swiftly peeled of the backs and stuck onto a pair of shoes I had been dying to wear. (Making sure the soles are clean and dry) Then I left them overnight and started wearing them the next day!

I have been using these for probably 1-2 months now and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Not only solving the no slip problem they can also help extend the life of your souls as they protect from wear and tear.

They are available in packs of 1 or 2 pairs, prices start at $9.95 and come in black, white and cream petal(pictured) and also RED HEARTS!!! Cute huh!

I love these and am definitely going to go pick up a couple of the heart shaped packs and get sticking them to all my barely used shoes.


Now if someone would invent something to make my favourite heels as comfortable as my wedges!

Madame B


(Sorry about the craptacular photo’s doll’s, I’m having a fight with my camera and as you can see I’m not winning!)

All opinions are my own.

Skincare for Mothers Day


Trilogy Skincare

Vital Moisturising Cream 60g $38.00,  Everything Balm 95ml $30 / 45ml $18, Rosehip Oil 20ml $20 /45ml $35

I have already done reviews on these here, here and here.


Elizabeth Arden Intervene Radiance Boosting Collection $99

intervene Intervene Radiance Boosting Moisture Cream, 50ml
Intervene 3-in-1 Daily Cleanser Exfoliator Primer, 30ml
Intervene Stress Recovery Night Cream, 15ml
Value of $137

Mother’s Day Roses Set $49 image

Rose Hand Cream 125ml and Love Balm 15ml (have I mentioned that I love this balm?!)

With a value of $70!!




TREAT BOX for Body, $29.95


Wellness Hand Wash 240ml, Wellness Hand Cream SPF 15 100ml, Wellness Foot Scrub 100ml, Wellness Body Lotion 240ml all in a hat box!

Youth Dew Always Perfect $90
I probably should have included this in the fragrance post but I totally forgot! This is my own mothers HG fragrance, she also uses the deodorant.


Youth Dew EDP Spray 67ml
Youth Dew Body Satinee 75ml
Perfumed Soap 100g
value of $109



So that’s it for the Mothers Day posts!

What are you getting your mother?

Madame B


Vera Farmiga at the Met Gala

Vera Farmiga wears NARS 

Vera Farmiga’s Sophie Theallet dress has received quite a bit of criticism. Personally I feel that if it wasn’t off the shoulder it would have been more flattering but that’s not what I’m here to talk about is it! Her gorgeous blue eyes pop with this smokey, peachy and illuminated skin look created by Nars Makeup Artist Francelle.


PRO-PRIME Skin Smoothing Face Prep & Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Cadacques Multiple Tint, Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment in Greta, Orgasm Illuminator.


Madame B


Mothers Day Gift Idea’s – Make-up


Elizabeth Arden Makeup Artist Palette$99 (RRP)

These are released I think once or twice a year and are in one word AMAZING! Look what it contains,


1 x Warm Colour Palette , 1 x Cool Colour Palette , 3 x Exceptional Lipsticks (full size), 3 x High Shine Lip Glosses, 4g each, 2 x Lip Pencils (full size), 2 x Eye Pencils (full size), 1 x Ceramide Mascara, 2.7g, 1 x All Gone Eye Makeup Remover, 30ml, 1 x Brush Set (cheek, eye and lip)

With a value of $492!!!!

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Colour Palette $65   Mini Lip Colour Palette $65 (RRP)



Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour Palette $65

Baked Eye Colour Palette $65 (RRP)



Napoleon Mums the Word Mothers Day Pack $49 (RRP)



Limited edition palette for eyes and cheeks, Full-size Long Black Mascara, deluxe sample sizes of both the Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer and mini DeVine Goddess Lipsticks.


Pretty good deal huh!






Mineral Lip and Cheek Colour Wheel image $14.95 (RRP)

Multi-use palette!






Ageless Illuminating Primer 50g $15.95 (RRP)






Estee Lauder Mothers Day Makeup Set $110 (RRP)



A deluxe compact for eyes and cheeks with 1 blush and 6 eyeshadow shades

3 Signature lipsticks

Artist’s Eye Pencil

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Makeup Brush Set

Tote Bag and Cosmetic Case

Valued at over $220!



I know only a few days but these are some idea’s if you forgot or can’t decide!


Madame B


Erin Fetherston at the Met Gala

Erin Fetherston wears NARS

Newly appointed creative consultant to Juicy Couture Erin Fetherston wore this flowing gown, ( made from the brands trademark velour) with minimal accessories completed with matchy bronzey makeup, by Nars International Lead Makeup Artist James Boehmer.


PRO-PRIME Skin Smoothing Face Prep & Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Orgasm Illuminator, Gilda Blush, Skorpios Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, Misbehave Lip Gloss

Madame B


Fragrances for Mother’s day

This will be the start of posts this week for gift idea’s for mother’s day, or something to treat yourself!

I unfortunately rarely get the pleasure of picking out gifts for my own mother as she decides what she wants and gives us kids the lay-by receipts, I guess its a way to get what you want.

Holidays are my favourite time of year to actually buy presents for myself as so many gift sets and great deals are released.

I’m going to cover as many price ranges as possible and just warning you but there will probably be a few of these posts, so bare with me!

First gift ideas off the beauty bandwagon will be fragrances!!

Juicy Couture Couture Couture Gift Set $129 (RRP)


A lovely fragrance which is a bit more mature than the previous fragrances from them, (I actually already reviewed the fragrance here)

The box contains The new Couture Couture EDP 50ml and a 200ml body lotion

The two items are valued at $180!


Marc Jacobs Lola Gift Set $130 (RRP)  image

Containing EDP 50ml, Body Lotion 75ml and Shower Gel 75ml




Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set $90image (RRP)


Containing EDT 50ml, Body Lotion 75ml and Shower Gel 75ml

Valued at $127.50!




MOR Marshmallow Body Oil $44.95 (RRP)

Whilst not quite a fragrance this body oil certainly acts like one. I love this, my mother bought it for herself a couple of months ago and loves it. I had full intentions of stealing it until I realised I was allergic, damn karma!!




MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oils $19.95 (RRP)

I have already reviewed the Lychee Flower here but they are available in a range of fragrances including Belladonna, Cassis Noir, Marshmallow and Snow Gardenia.These are great to add to a gift basket you could make up.



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