Last weeks manicure : OPI Blue and 18kt Gold

I applied 2 coasts of both OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and OPI The Man With The Golden Gun with no base coat. This manicure oddly lasted me a little over a week, I guess its because for once in my life my nails have been growing rather strong I don’t expect that to last forever though as its really just a pregnancy side effect. Oh by the way I’m 23 weeks pregnant and that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been around much. But I’m (hopefully) back on track now and you should be seeing me post much more often.

Enough of that and onto the nails darlings, (more…)

Ulta3 Glitterati Nail Collection–swatches (all)

I swatched all of the Ulta3 Glitterati Nail collection on false nails I cut and filed because I knew it would take me forever to wear each and every single one but I just wanted to show you all how pretty these are! (more…)

Dots and Stripes- Easy Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art can sometimes be a bit too tricky at home for me but with the help of some cheap striping tape and dotting tools (I bought both from eBay for under $5!) this is a really easy nail art tutorial.

The colour combinations for this is endless but I am really loving the two lighter grey/ lavenders (they are almost opaque after 1 coat, 2 is perfect!) from the Essie winter collection I got sent a while and decided to pair them with a white.

For a white cheap polish this one actually performs a lot better than I was expecting. It retails around the $3-4 mark and isn’t as thick as some other cheap whites I’ve tried.

I finished off with the Australis top coat which I am loving over every single polish I’ve tried it with, I wish I could capture the gorgeous flakies but my photography skills really aren’t that great to begin with. I promise I am really trying to take better shots but some days I just really suck!


Dots and Stripes easy nail tutorial

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Madame B Fatale



*The two Essie polishes were sent for post/review consideration and are from the Essie Winter Collection

Triangle Nail Art a Tutorial

Below is an easy way I use to get sharp lines and shapes on my manicure without the use of striping tape.

I think the picture tutorial below is fairly self explanatory but there are a few steps I’d like to elaborate (below the pic)

I started by painting my nails Tahiti by ulta3 and let them dry completely.

triangle nail art tutorial

Step 1: This is what I used- clear polish (to ‘glue’ the triangles), tape (that I painted in an assortment of colours they are all unnamed BYS except for the silver which is a Nicole by OPI polish), scissors (smaller ones would have been a lot easier!) and tweezers (used to place triangles).

Step 2: Ok I wasn’t expecting this but the polish actually came off the sticky tape in one piece. I was originally going to just ‘stick’ the cut outs onto my nails but instead had to end up using the clear coat as a glue of sorts. I also cut out many many different triangles from the colours.

Step 3 & 4: I coated my nails in the clear polish and placed the triangle on in random spots, then finished off with a clear coat.

and finished, this was a bit fiddly but really easy. The only thing I have to really point out is make sure the polish ‘strips’ and your nails are dry.


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Madame B Fatale


Nothing to disclose.

Bourjois Nail Swatches


Dangerousement rouge 29

Dangereusement Rouge

(bad picture but its similar to Estee Lauder Berry Cordial,only better!)

So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish RRP $ 12.0 (AUD)


Madame B


Various Nail Swatches

 guppy 16

Guppy Polish 16 (eBay)

guppy 04 jpg

Guppy 04 (eBay)

lilac mauve modles Inc 

modles inc lmModels Inc. Lilac Mauve










manicare French white 

Manicare French White

modelista vegas show stopper 

Modelista Vegas Show Stopper


Madame B


Estee Lauder – Nail Swatches

white beige

12 White Beige

berry cordial

Berry Cordial


Jungle Red

jungle red shimmering pink

Shimmering Pink sp

Pure Colour Nail Lacquer RRP $36 (AUD)


Madame B


MAC – Nail Swatches

something about pink

Something About Pink



Imperial Splendour

Imperial Splendour



on the prowl

On the Prowl



peppermint patti

Peppermint Patti

pp bottle 


MAC Nail Polish RRP $22.00 (AUD)

Madame B