Decades Past 1960’s Inspired Tutorial



Duo Lash Glue

eBay Lashes

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

Generic Mascara

Mac White Paint Stick

Too Faced Little Black Dress Duo

Revlon Colourstay Liner

Loreal Liquid Liner

Masquerade Gothic White e/s

Mac Carbon e/s


Revlon Liquid Foundation and Powder

Mac Pretty Baby b/p

10 Pan Blush Palette

Stilla All Over Shimmer


Chi Chi Legally Pink Gloss

NYX Strawberry Milk l/s

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FOTD – 1980’s Party Makeover

So as you all know by  now this is my sister Elisha. She needed a last minute dress up idea for a Bad Taste Party and this is what we came up with, (all from my wardrobe mind you!!)


The makeup could have been better but I kind of just went with it!!! No lip product as she was just going to add gloss once she got to her car.

(I wish you could see the hair more, Its my favourite part! I curled it and then added some pink extensions and twisted it off to the side and added that massive bow headband.)

Madame B


FOTD – Gold and Black Glitter






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Cheshire Cat Entry


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Super late Halloween – MY costume!!!

I completely forgot to post these here!!!! LITTLE DEAD RIDING HOOD (the wolf got me!)


I made the costume nothing too spectacular but it was really fun and gory 😉


So here are the pictures!!!!


15731_166287833682_525053682_2950123_3651182_n 11254_180616579680_707769680_2831504_3593119_n 15731_166287823682_525053682_2950122_3775081_n

Yeah they are late in the night!!!!!


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Decades Past 1950s Stars

the 1950 gave us the best decade of style and icons that are still adored today. Here are a few of my favourites.

Bettie Page 

 22nd April 1923 – 11th December 2008 

Known as a “Bondage and Pin Up Queen” Page has been one of the greatest inspirations for many. Not only hopeful pin ups, nostalgia buffs but also in many subculture communities.

Her life was not without scandal , as you can imagine being  Bettie Pagea fetish icon in the 50s, it was a very different and definitely a more  conservative time then.

She left the industry in the late 1950s and went into seclusion, living her later years out of the spotlight claiming she hated seeing her idols grow old and that her fans would rather remember her from‘glory’ days, so to say.

Page was nick named the girl with the perfect figure,  a girl that was both naughty and nice. From her raven hair ,s hort bangs and distinctive style she still inspires fashion and media today making her a true Icon.

"[Jerry Tibbs was] the one who got me wearing bangs. For years I had my hair parted down the middle in a ponytail, tucked down around the sides. But he said to me, ‘Bettie, you’ve got a very high forehead. I think you’d look good if you cut some bangs to cover it.’ Well, I went and cut the bangs, and I’ve been wearing them ever since. They say it’s my trademark."

Marilyn Monroe

1st June 1926 – 5th August 1962


“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”

Norma Jean transformed into Marilyn Monroe (1946) by dying her brunette hair platinum blonde.  She was the first to grace the commvers of Playboy magazine in 1953 and and is still seen as one of the sexiest actresses of all time.

Even after her untimely death she is loved and adored and well known for her figure, blonde hair and ‘breathless’ voice.

She will forever be an Icon and a sex symbol.

“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.”

Audrey Hepburn

4th May 1929 – 20th January 1993


“My look is attainable. Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses, and the little sleeveless dresses.”

Originally dreaming of becoming a ballerina, her tall stature and lack of constant training throughout the war ultimately ended her career as a dancer.

Starred in many favourites such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady and Funny Face just to name a few.

Having worked with Givenchy on several occasions, Hepburn was known not only for her style and grace  but also her humanitarian achievements as a UNICEFF ambassador.

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FOTD – Blue Glitter

face 100_8411

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Tutorial – Wedding Makeup – Light but defined

One of my lovely subscribers requested I did a look suitable for a garden wedding with Pinks. She wanted it it be fresh and bright but neutral here is my look


I thought I’d add a picture where all the colours are placed to make it a bit easier for you all.

I will list the products but I would recommend sticking to less glittery/shiny textures.


Too Faced Bon Bon Duo e/s

Mac Holiday Palette  – Satisfy and Feast e/s’s

Mac Mineral e/s

Revlon Cream Sparkling Amethyst e/s

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Smashbox White eye pencil

eBay Brown Gel Liner

Revlon defining False Lashes

Duo Glue

Lancome Virtuse Waterproof Mascara

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder and eBay Gel Liner


Masquerade Foundation

Revlon Colourstay Powder

Benefit Tri (used Dandelion)

Stilla All Over Shimmer


I first prepped with Lucas Paw Paw Ointment before applying any  makeup

Then I just added a Bloom Cosmetic Gloss

and onto the Tutorial

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