Blake Lively at the Met Gala

Blake Lively wears NARS 

Keeping it short and tight in Marchesa and as the saying does if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Blake is looking radiant and stunning as usual courtesy of makeup by Nars Artist Elaine Offers.


PRO-PRIME Skin Smoothing Face Prep and Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Goddess Soft Touch Eyeshadow Pencil, Beverly Hills Multiple Tint and Love Devotion Lipstick.

Madame B


RAFW- MAC for Seventh Wonderland

Key Makeup Artist:  Sam Correy for M.A.C

M A C_RAFW10_Seventh Wonderland_Sam Correy


"I wanted to steer away from the typical "resort look", instead making the girls look perfectly refreshed and hydrated, as though they’d been drenched in therapeutic waters, not the sun."

Description of the look:

The look called for perfectly concealed skin with a dewy, light-reflective quality. I opted for a nude colour palette over vivid shades, and employed liquid shimmer to emphasis the contours of the face, clear gloss to slick the brows, lids and lips, and natural-looking false lashes, together with a hint of cream shadow, to define the eyes.

Key Products to used to create the Look:

Face: Studio Sculpt Foundation, Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, Contour with Root Cream Colour Base, Highlight with Strobe Cream and Gloss Crème, Blush with Bamboo Cream Colour Base.

Eyes: Fantastic Frost Cream Colour Base, line lashes with Kid Eyeshadow, Lashes M800-01, Lofty Brown Zoom Lash, Lash, Gloss Crème on lids, Clear Brow Set.

Lips: Freckletone Lipstick, Wildly Lush Plush Glass.



Madame B


RAFW – MAC for Ginger and Smart

Key Makeup Artist:  Natasha Sevorino for M.A.C

 M A C_RAFW10_Ginger  Smart_Natasha Severino


“The inspiration for this collection comes from inner feminine strength and self-awareness.”

“I wanted the make up to be naturally sexy for this show. Skin has been left raw yet made luminous, concealing only minor imperfections. Eye’s are defined and sculpted and gold pigment has been used on the eyes and peak of lips to give a ‘futuristic goddess’ feel to the make up. Soft cream coloured paint has been used as future tribal war paint in the centre of the forehead and temples, to relate directly to ones ‘third eye’ and one’s own self-awareness.”

Madame B


RAFW – MAC for Lisa Ho

 Key Makeup Artist:  Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C

M A C_RAFW10_Lisa Ho_Linda Jefferyes


“Inspiration behind the look: Sophisticated and elegant. Lisa Ho’s model is timeless yet chic. Copper brown eyes and feathered copper brows add a warm glow to this very chic look.”

Description of the look:

Creamy flawless skin with warm copper eye tones shape the eye. Brows are defined slightly heavier and a copper pencil highlights the darker brow. A well contoured face adds shape and definition, lips blend in with the creamy warm skin tone.

Key Products to used to create the Look:

Face: Face & body foundation, contoured with sculpting powder pro palette sculpt and shadowy and Paints Bamboom Set powder in porcelain invisible and dusty rose.

Eyes: Paints Bamboom, bare canvas, sublime nature. Eyeshadow texture. Brow set clear and girl boy. Impeccable brow pencil black, taupe and dirty blonde and Auburn lip pencil. Studio fix lash mascara in Studio Brown.

Lips: lipstick freckletone

Brows: Girl Boy Brow Gel


More to come!!

Madame B


Taylor Swift for Covergirl


On signing her first beauty contract,

“I am so excited to become the next COVERGIRL,” said Swift. “I have admired many of the COVERGIRL’s since I was a little girl… great artists and actresses who are confident and still themselves. It’s like a dream come true to be a part of the future of COVERGIRL.”

She will be the new face of Covergirl’s new luxury products being released next year! (I am so intrigued….)

“The long list of famous COVERGIRL’s has included Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Rachel Hunter, Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Niki Taylor and Molly Sims, and its current roster including Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hawkins and Ellen DeGeneres.”

Madame B


MAC- Senior Artist Nicole Thompson

Leading up and amazing group of 65  make-up artists over 40 of RAFW shows is Mac Senior artist Nicole Thompson. Here are her must have products for the up-coming shows, which will include, Ginger and Smart, Camilla and Marc and Zambesi just to name a few.

fix -loresNicole’s first pick is the Fix Plus Spray ($27) 

“I will go through at least 3 bottles of this during FW my most favourite MAC product and it’s also the cheapest! Yay!”

I  love Fix Plus Spray too. Its probably one of my most used products even though I don’t really mention it much, it is really versatile. It works great with pigments, sheering out foundation or applying to your sponge or brush for an easier foundation application. Having super dry skin I also like to stipple some over my powder application to combat the cakey powdery look.

Her favourite uses,

“I will use it before and after moisturizing to really lock in that hydration. I will spritz it onto the bodies to give a beautiful sheen and if the model has dry skin I will load up the face with this spray and then massage it in.”

The next three are products that I’m personally yet to so I’ll stick with quotes from Nicole herself,

Face and body Foundation ($60)macfaceb

“This is the foundation of choice for MAC artists and also freelance artists and I can’t live without it, dramatic right? Its just that good. Its the foundation that doesn’t look like you are wearing anything you just manage to have a healthy glow, super dewy and super sheer. That’s what we use on the models bodies to even out their skin tone for all those skimpy outfits.”

Cream Colour Bases ($35)

Cream Colour Base

“In a range of colours matte is out of my book its all about fresh flawless sheeny skin and these products are the way to go. Use pearl or Hush to highlight the skin, and Tint or Mid-Tone Sepia to contour …ahhh”

SKIN Prep&Prime_lash-300

Prep and Prime Lash ($25)

“Can’t be bothered putting false lashes on? But want dramatic lashes this is the product to get them! Layer it on before your mascara and watch the lashes grow in length and thickness!!!”


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Marcel’s Tip #4

It’s SHOWTIME with Marcel…

Always put your best face forward


NARSISSISM #4-Marcel says:

"Matte skin always looks beautiful and clean. After foundation, apply a translucent loose powder with a powder puff and buff away any  excess with a large, soft brush. This will create a luminous, satin finish rather than a dry, powdery surface."

Another quick tip from Marcel

Marcel Wants You!

to have flawless skin


NARSISSISM #3-Marcel says:

“Never create a mask with foundation. Look at the skin objectively, and pay close attention to areas of the face that need more coverage.

Apply foundation to the center, and always blend outward.”