Hairvenly Hair Extensions


The main problem with clip in extensions usually are the weight and quality of the hair, as Hairvenly Extensions are 100% Human Remy hair and also a thick 160grams I have found that they easily blend into the thickness of my own hair. The hair itself is so soft and silky I wish it was my own hair!

As I have recently went blonde from red I still have a mix of golden and strawberry tones so I picked the strawberry blonde extensions from the 11 shades they have to offer. I still have to dye my own hair again and will then dye them for a perfect match. Having 11 shades to choose from I am confident that you should be able to find a set to match. Being 100% Human hair gives you the option of being able to dye them to match your current hair colour which synthetic wefts do not. To blend in seamlessly I layered them slightly as my own hair is heavily layered.

Another plus is the clips are coloured matched to the extensions and have a silicone non slip grip so they are not only hidden, but you can feel safe in knowing that they are secure as well!

Washing them is easy, just shampoo and condition and lay flat to dry. You can also give them a deep treatment once a month or so like you would your own hair.

Visit the website for more tips and tricks on keeping them in tip top condition and some glowing customer reviews.

Here are two video’s I have up at the moment…

Weighing in at 160grams, at a length of 20 inches and being 100% Remy Human Hair, these extensions as they would have to be both my new favourite hair accessory and the best quality extensions I’ve used so far.

I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to try these and honestly I can’t stress the importance of thickness and hair quality enough!


Hairvenly hair extensions retail at $199 AUD

10 piece set:
2 x 8inch wefts with 4 clips
2 x 6inch wefts with 3 clips
2 x 4inch wefts with 2 clips
4 x 1inch wefts with 1 clip……

Also, they will be expanding the range soon so keep a lookout for that!

Oh and they also stock the ever popular Moroccan Argon Oil and gorgeous Hair accessories as well.

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Cedel & National Breast Cancer Foundation

Cedel hairsprays are always something I buy, there’s something about the look and the smell. I love it as it brings back so many lovely memories.

Since January 2009 Cedel have been Bronze Partners of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and as of April they have become Silver Partners. Donating $25,000 to the foundation annually, another $16,000 as a sponsor of The Mothers Day Classic and an outstanding 120,000 free pink hairspray cans for NBFC events with an RRP each (that’s almost $500,000 in product!)


“The funds raised through the sales of Cedel Hairspray are helping to fund the research program of Associate Professor Alexander Dubrovnik from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria.
Cedel looks forward to continuing their support in search for a cure of breast cancer, and working with the NBCF to enrich the lives of Australians.”

With an RRP of $3.99 – $4.99 why not go out and buy a great product that supports a cause that affects the lives of so many.










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Quick tip & Mini Review – None Of Your Frizziness Herbal Essences

image001 “ apply some Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Serum(RRP:$9.99 AUD) to a blush brush and lightly sweep over the top layer of hair to smooth any little frizzies”

Who would have thought, not me!



None Of Your Friziness Serum is one of the new products released since Leighton’s new ambassador role. I was sent the product a few weeks ago now and have to say it works like a dream. The scent is gorgeous as usual with all Herbal Essences products, comes in a convenient pump bottle for both ease of use and less product wastage. I apply 1-2 small pumps and run through my hair after blow drying, flat ironing or curling. Definitely lives up to its name by controlling my frizzy strands without interfering with my chosen style,(doesn’t make my curls drop!).

So to sum up its easy to use, actually works, smells gorgeous and its a at a budget friendly price point so a winner all round in my opinion. Cute name too don’t you think!?!

Charles Baker-Strahan, Leighton’s hair stylist and Herbal hair ambassador, says:
“Sleek, straight hair on Leighton really celebrates her beauty which is important to me, but it also highlights her edgier side. She can really go there with fashion as well and I wanted to show the wide range of possibilities we have, not only with Leighton but also with Herbal Essences.”


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‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’


Remember that line that helped make 90’s Pantene Ambassador Rachel Stewart famous??Rachel Hunter and Renee Stewart for Pantene

Well she’s back (here in Australia actually) to once again promote Pantene. Here helping her out to appeal to the new generation Pantene is her daughter Renee on her first professional assignment!

The television ads will feature the mother daughter duo and with start airing next month.

“Rachel says she’s honoured to be associated with Pantene as it continues to innovate, educate and transform since
she first began promoting it during the early 1990’s.”

“The new generation Pantene range features a light-weight formula, DailyMoisturisingR_Set1stylish new packaging and innovative treatment
products such as the Night Miracle Leave on Crème Serum, which delivers up to eight hours of continuous repair1 as
you sleep.”



Available from May 2010.




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My favourite Gossip Girl for Herbal Essences


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Hair Tutorial- Oscars Inspired Messy Up-do / Bun for day or night

During the awards season I noticed a few messy up-do’s. This is my version of it.

This can easily be worn day or night and is best achieved with dirty hair, (as with most up-do’s). I would recommend  using a hairspray to finish, I just seem to be losing everything lately!

This style can be as neat or as messy as you would like and is a great hairstyle to try if you don’t have much time or need to wash your hair but want a ‘pulled together’ look.

If you don’t have hair extensions to add volume to your do you can easily use a rolled up stocking with the toe cut out and thread your ponytail through it. Or you can use a rat.

The makeup worn in this video is the Napoleon Perdis Walter Runway Inspired look.

The shine spray I used was by Evo that was sent to me, I do have to say its lovely. It smells like watermelon candy!

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Review : Macadamia Natural Oil

oil vial 10ml-flat HR

Basically I think that this stuff (for my hair) is amazing.



here’s the ad/commercial and example video…
and website

Have you tried these products?? What do you think?

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Tip Of The Day – Hair

Always brush your hair before washing it.  As you should never use your regular brush on it while its wet!

Instead use a detangling comb after/while you condition or to help spread a treatment through the ends.

Oh wait, what’s that, I have a giveaway  for two to win a Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. Plus a fabulous Mason Pearson Detangling comb. (For Australian followers)

a bit corny I know but you really should enter!

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