The BabylissPro Triple Barrel Waver

As the title states this post is going to focus on the BabylissPro Triple Barrel Waver Iron, (long name eh!), The one I used is the regular size but if you want bigger waves there is also a larger sized one available. I mentioned in the video that this is quick but really I meant to say that this is probably the easiest type of iron to use. All you have to do is clamp down on the hair and then repeat until you reach the ends. Depending on the size of the pieces your ‘waving’ will determine how long it takes you to style. I’d also like to mention that you don’t necessarily have to wave the entire length of the hair, you could for example just do the mid-lengths or just the ends.

So onto the tutorials, the first I am basically showing you how to use it then a simple twist to finish off the look and the second is how to continue onto a textured up-do.


Besides adding waves it also gives the hair volume and I find its also great to use before a up-do as it gives the up-do a great ‘messy/textured’ finish.


Both of these styles are incredible easy to do and perfect for summer (or winter, autumn and spring I ‘spose!)

Pro’s for this tong are the same as the conical wand I wrote about last month, the cords long, variable heat settings – the on/off and dial are the same. But I must mention that this iron is on the heavier side, I put this down to it being like three tongs in one so it kind of makes sense it would be.

As always make sure your using a heat protectant before heat styling and as a general rule finish off with your preferred hairspray!


Madame B


I used the BabylissPro Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver Curling Iron that was provided for review / demonstration purposes by


Boho Waves/Curls with the Babyliss Pro Conical Wand

My latest video on how to Boho Waves features a product I’ve been interested in for a while now, the Babyliss Pro Conical Wand (large size). IMG_0068

The main reason I’ve been wanting to try one of these out, well besides the fact that Babyliss products generally get a rave review is that it has no tong. I have been using traditional curling tongs for years now and wanted to see the difference.

There are obviously no tong marks left on the hair which is its first plus. Other things that I think need mentioning are

    • Long Cord – Great when your power source is a bit out of the way.
    • 25 Heat Settings – Anyone can find the perfect temperature for their hair type, curls last!
    • On and Off Switch – This is more of a personal preference as I don’t really like styling tools that turn on as soon as you plug them in.
    • Hair isn’t ‘dulled down’ – Looks nice and shiny after
    • Cool Tip – At the end of the wand so no burnt fingertips!
    • Heat Protectant Mat – I use this with all my heat styling tools now.

All that and its pretty easy to use and also heats up fast.

To use all you have to do is hold the wand upside down and wrap hair around! Curl smaller sections for a more defined look or larger sections for a wavier look. You can also either favour the top or bottom of the wand for different sized curls.

On to the Video

Beach Hair

The wand itself retails at $94.95 on and was provided for the review/tutorial. Other products used from i-glamour were the One n Only Ceramic Silk Curling Iron Glaze on sale for $8.60!(from $17.19!) and the BabylissPro Heat Protection Finger Shields $11.95 (for 2). Both of these were bought by me. If you check out the website make sure to stop by the clearance section there are many, many bargains to be had there!

In the video I also used the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hairspray (also sent for review/tutorial) which is actually perfect for this look as you do want it to have slight hold but it has to be ‘movable/tousled’ as well.

The finished Result –

Dip dyed with boho waves hair


Also sorry the video is so bright, Note to self: don’t film in the middle of the day with the curtains open!

Madame B Fatale


Wand and hairspray used were sent for review/tutorial purposes.

Want to win a VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler ?!?

As mentioned before I got to trial this lovely product for both BeautyHeaven and VS Sassoon so I asked if I could use one for a giveaway so here we are!


The competition is being held on my YouTube channel and all you have to do is watch the video, be a subscriber, comment on the video what type of tutorial you would want me to do and be an Australian resident. Its really as simple as that, so what are you waiting for?!?

Here’s the video

Go to YouTube to enter!

If you haven’t seen my reviews on this fabulous dryer yet check them out!

Short Hair

VS Sassoon Review

BeautyHeaven Review

Also check out the VS Sassoon YouTube page for more video’s!


You need to comment on the YouTube page to enter. Competition closes on the 19th June 2011 at 11:59pm, the winner will be randomly chosen using

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The VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler was provided for free by VS Sassoon!

VS Sassoon Big Hair on Short Hair–A Tutorial

I’ve shown you how to use the styler on my long hair but I was requested to show how to use it on short hair, so here it is!


I used my sister as my model and the only products I used were Wella High Hair Style Foundation and Schwarzkopf Super Styling Laquer.

Oh and I used my new camera, I’m finally getting the hang of it. I THINK!


Madame B Fatale


VS Sassoon Big Hair Review & How-To

I was given the opportunity to review the VS Big Hair Styler for both Vidal Sassoon and BeautyHeaven. The video for BeautyHeaven can be found here, plus the other girls video’s too!


The following video is the one I filmed for VS Sassoon and its part of a competition, (not entirely sure how it worked, but if you want to be on their trial team check out the website!)


As I explained in the video’s it was really easy to pick up how to use it. The recommended retail price is $99.95AUD but I’ve seen it on sale at quite a few stores for a lot less.


Anyway I hope you enjoy the video’s!


My review of the latest version of the Big Hair Styler  and a quick way yo freshen up 2 or 3 day old hair can be found here

For more VS Sassoon Product reviews and demo’s click here

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Links to Vidal Sassoon;

YouTube –

Twitter –!/vssassoon

Website –

Facebook –



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I was given these free to trial and enter the competition!

How I Dip Dyed My Hair–A Tutorial

Dip Dyed or ombre hair has been trending for quite some time now and I’ve had a few messages asking how I did mine so here it is. I made it as easy to follow as possible, so if you want to try it or just curious how to do it watch the video!

As always any questions just ask.

( I mention the colours I used in the video, but as everyone has different hair colours and the fact that I mixed a few together makes it kind of irrelevant)

ombre dip dyed hair

I’m not a fan of the purple yet, well not as much as I was with the bluey / teal colour anyway. Next time I think I’ll do pink.

Madame B Fatale


Wella – System Professionals

Launching this month is Wella’s newly reformulated System Professional Range. I’ve been using the Shine Define Shampoo, Colour Save Conditioner and the Volumize Mask, with lovely results I must say!

“New SP is a celebration of scientific leadership from 130 years of expert knowledge, a deep consumer
understanding and five years of intensive research. The offering combines innovative product formulas
and a revolutionary, personalised hair care service. Exclusively customised to suit each client’s individual
needs, SP is the ultimate in hair perfection.”

 imageStarting with the shampoo, I apply a rather small amount and massage into my hair focusing on the roots. After using although my hair feels clean and fresh it also feels manageable, which is one of the main things I look for in a shampoo, I just cant stand that ‘squeaky clean but knotted’ feeling I am left with so many out there.
Following with the Colour Save conditioner, now focusing the imageproduct on my mid lengths to ends after washing out my hair is left not only soft but silky.
As my hair is bottle blonde I not only have to look out for products that are going to help retain my colour for as long a s possible but also that help give me shine. A drawback of having blonde hair is that its so much harder to get that gorgeous healthy shine that you see in darker colours. But with these products I really am getting the best of both worlds.
imageI then use the Volumize mask instead of the conditioner about once or twice a week. This mask is formulated for thin hair but I have been experiencing lovely results none the less with my thick hair. I use it when I’m planning on doing a blow dry and combined with the Wella High Hair spray I have been getting rather fabulously volumised do with just a blow-dryer and round brush!

“To continue the hair perfection at home, a SP regime tailored to the clients’ needs and desires can be
prescribed to continue the ultimate care experience at home. The line has been refreshed with eight
product categories, featuring new complementary formulas and a range of fast-acting rinse-out
conditioners to allow clients perfect results in between salon visits.”

With the new formulations being released this month your bound to find a new system that works perfectly for you!

Madame B

Products were provided for potential review.

Remington for NYFW Luca Luca SS11


I have to say I’m loving the textured do’s we are seeing more and more of lately and this look certainly didn’t disappoint!

The Look:

“The carefree style also translated into what Raul describes as ‘easy, pretty hair’ – that of a girl who’s been lounging on her private yacht all day and has come to shore for a fabulous dinner – a perfect match for his SS11 collection.”

How to create:

“Backstage at the Luca Luca show, Remington stylist Teddy Charles shows that the look is all about layering curls. First a soft wave was added to the hair by blowdrying (at home use Remington Salon 5000 RRP $83.95) with a barrel brush, before centre-parting and crimping (Remington Crimptini RRP $22.95) all over. Sections were then curled using a conical tong (Remington Tribal Tong RRP $53.95) and each side tightly styled into a French roll from above the temple. Each side was then curled across each other into a tight bun, making a soft, feminine and effortlessly chic look.”

Watch the video below to see the final look, hear about the inspiration behind the collection and see some backstage footage.

Remington & Luca Luca SS11

Madame B