Galaxy Shoes a DIY Tutorial

I love crafts, and I always had the intention of including easy DIY projects into the blog but it was never something I thought about before making something. So this is my first, (hopefully I’ll think it through a bit more next time and get better pictures!).

Originally I was going to completely cover these high heels in studs but last night I changed my mind and decided to ‘paint’ them instead.

This is a great way of using up those old bottles of nail polish, (if you are anything like me you probably have plenty!)


Gather your materials

Old gluggy nail polish in your chosen shades

(you can use fabric paints but these polishes are getting to the point of being un-useable and I thought it was a great way of finishing them off)

Paint Brush

Sponges (optional)


Glitter Glue

A Bair of Fabric Shoes

(the fabric will kind of absorb the paint and is less likely to chip than if the were patent leather)

what you need

STEP 2: (more…)

Dip Dyeing Extensions–In Photo’s

Just a quick photo post to show you the process of ‘dip dyeing’ my extensions.

Colour (more…)

DIY : Palettes From Leopard Notebooks!

Ok I know I tweeted about this probably last week but I took the photo’s uploaded them, and well I deleted them. (or I can’t find them) So I just took some new ones of the project finished!!!

Here they are


The main reason I wanted to do this was to de-palette some of my Estee compacts that I don’t seem to use because I don’t like quads. I also did the 10 pan blush palette and a few other’s I had lying around.


This is the shadow palette. These are again Estee ones, a few pigments I pressed and some other random shadows I didn’t seem to use.


How I made it

These notebooks I got for $2-3 a while ago and I only bought them because they are leopard. I never used them I just liked looking at them, (yes I’m aware I may have a slight problem).

So I took the paper out, saved it for notes.

Covered the inside with that plastic damask material I have so much of .

Then for the edges, I covered plain straws with the plastic and hot glue gunned them on. I added the pink ribbon to tie it closed.

Because I’m so impatient I didn’t attach the shadows/blushes with magnets but with blu-tack instead!

I literally made these with stuff lying around the house .

Hopefully I’ll use this stuff more often now!

(These are no way near air tight and will definitely not be holding cream shadows.

The Reason I chose the plastic  to cover it with is so I can wipe down and clean it, also so if I spray alcohol onto it it wont disintegrate)

Have you ever made your own palettes??


Madame B


I gave my brushes a new home!!!!

Let me first tell you my house gets dusty, very dusty. Living this close to the beach and a semi-industrial area this was expected to happen. I hate dust and I don’t like the thought of my brushes getting dusty, especially since I take care of them and hope to have them for a long time. (Not to mention the price!)

My solution to this is a pretty planter box!!

100_8640 100_8638 100_8639

I’m fairly certain I picked this up at Target a long while ago, but only just realised what a great ‘home’ for my brushes it would make! It fits in with my storage stuff quite well I think.

I ran out of enough rice for the bottom so over the top I poured in some beads and buttons I have no use for at the moment.

Cute, isn’t it?

How do you store your brushes?

Madame B


DIY – Pigment shelves

From a cardboard box!




Cut off lid


marked out ‘shelves’


cut  them out



made sure they fit100_8118

trimmed ends100_8121

painted all pieces white100_8122

this is the plastic I’m covering everything with100_8124


glue all in place


hanging on the wall


Thanks for looking 🙂

Madame B


DIY – Clothes

I decided I wanted a new wardrobe, I was really getting sick of the way my stuff looked . Lack of funds is really preventing that from happening so I decided I’d re-vamp a few things.

This is what I’ve done so far

Turned a regular pair of non-fitted dark was jeans to ……

100_6679  100_6683

This was a tank, just turned it into a halter


and my version of the Zipper fringe necklace




This was all from stuff I had lying around(free:), I’m sure I’ll find lots more stuff to recycle!

That’s all atm.

(Feedback would be great, should i keep going with posts like these? )

Madame B


DIY – Honey Mask

As we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mac’s limited Edition Naked Honey Launch

(USA – June, International – July)

here’s something to get into the spirit!

DIY Honey Mask

Equal parts Honey and Avocado mixed in with an egg yolk. Slather over face and neck for about half and hour. Rinse off with warm water and moisturise.

Honey has excellent healing properties.

Madame B



Hair masks are something that most people skip completely. They can be expensive but they are worth it! SO if your strapped for cash but want to give your locks an extra bit of moisture and conditioning try this out,
All you need is an avocado and some olive oil to mix it up with. Cover your hair (dry preferably) completely with mixture cover your head with cling wrap and leave in for just under 30 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly and then shampoo and condition as normal.

Another one here is for shine,
All you need is a couple of eggs, smother over your hair and leave for a few minutes. Rinse through with white vinegar then shampoo and condition as normal. The vinegar will also help remove any product build up. It may smell a little of but your hair will love it!!!!