Products I’m Using

Moisturizer-  Triolgy Vital Moisturising Cream and Lancome Cell Defense

Wash- Garnier 3 in 1

Toner- Lush Tea Tree Spray

Other–  QSilica for my hair, skin and nails
Face Primer-  Smashbox- Hybrid and regular. Benefit Dr. Feelgood.
Eye Primer-  Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Foundation-  Revlon Colourstay

Powder- Maybelline Pure Powder Matte

Loose Powder- Face of Australia Translucent
Concealer-  Smashbox and Bourjois
Bronzer-  Benefit Hoola
Eyeshadow-  Too Faced Little Black Dress Duo

Base– Mehron Palettes
Eyeliner-  eBay Gel Liners and Loreal Intense Liquid
Mascara-  Maybelline Great Lash
Lipstick-  NYX Femme and still loving Mac Fashion Mews
Lipgloss-  Chi Chi  or K.K
Lipliner-  Bourjois Natural
Blush-  Smashbox Cast/Crew Duo, Benefit Dandelion
Highlighter-  Stilla All Over Shimmer
Make Up Brush-  Mac 187 so versatile!
Perfume- Marc Jacobs Lola or Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman (always a favourite!)

Hairspray- Got2b Volumising

Shine- Inecto Coconut

Mouse – Garnier XXL

Treatment- Herbal essence Long Term Relationship

Basics : Wet Set – Longer Lasting Curls

A wet set in my opinion is the best way to get longer lasting curls.  Its also great because it gives your hair a break from heat styling.

The smaller  the roller the tighter the curl. I like to do my set with smaller rollers so the first day I have tight curls, second they are a bit messier and on the third day I usually brush through the curls  so its smooth from the root and the curls are at the ends. Some times I leave them for a fourth day and do an up-style.

Getting the curls to last

  • Don’t use too much product (it will weigh the hair down)
  • Use a wide toothed comb on the curls, only if you need to (not a brush)
  • Make sure that the hair is completely dry before taking them out

The products I used in the video were Redken Curl Spray and Garnier XXL Mouse.


Madame B


Basics: Contouring and Highlighting

Part 1

Part 2

Products used were Stilla All Over Shimmer, Benefit Hoola, BYS Shimmer Dust.

Madame B



Basics: Eyebrows

In the video I show you two ways I do my brows and lightly go over different products I use.

Products mentioned are

Mac Duo Brow Shader, Paula Dorf Stencils, Brow Pencil, Brow Mascara.

Madame B


New Series! BASICS!!!

I thought it might be helpful to start a series on Basic Steps that I can refer to in other video’s. I have already started with Foundation and that video is live now.

I will focus on basic techniques, not only in makeup but hair as well!

Up coming posts/videos will be focusing on (but not limited to) Contouring, Highlighting and Blush, Eyebrows, Mascara, Liners and Lips.

With hair I will do a regular wet se, cheats set, Blow dry , and other quick tips to get a great hairstyle in a jiffy!

(I am also interested in requests for other ‘Basics’ you may be interested in)

Ok onto the First



Smashbox 2 in 1 Hybrid Primer

Benefit Dr. Feelgood

Revlon Colourstay Foundation

Masquerade Concealer

Face Of Australia Loose Transparent Powder

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance

and also a little Benefit Powder Pop Palette

Don’t fret I’m still going to continue with the Decades Past Series. I just need something else to keep me occupied as after the sixties, honestly I do start to loose a bit of interest!

Madame B


Wedding Tips

As i had just done a tutorial on makeup for a wedding I thought I should include some tips to make your makeup last longer and some things that may prevent stress from something unexpectedly going wrong!

  • Always do a trail run with your makeup and hair before the day so you can work out exactly what you want. Look online(Google images) and magazines for pictures. Don’t be afraid of telling the makeup artist what you are after but take notice and ask for their feedback because not everything suits everyone!
  • Try and refrain from doing anything drastic with your hair before your wedding unless you are exactly sure what you want and if it will suit you. Yes hair grows back but not in time for the wedding.
  • If you are uncomfortable wearing a lot of makeup don’t think that you should just grin and bare it for the day. Find what’s comfortable for you.
  • A wedding day is usually rather long and you want to make sure you are going to look flawless all day! Make sure the products being used are long wearing.
  • A bright or bold lip can look fabulous but to be honest its a lot of up keep. If you aren’t up for reapplying every so often you may want to go for a more neutral lip so you can just keep adding gloss.
  • Don’t wax on the day of  make sure you do ita few days before to make sure the area settles down. Also freshly waxed eye area doesn’t hold makeup well.
  • If you are getting a spray tan also don’t do that the day of either in case god forbid it goes wrong! Also remember you should wax a day before tanning.
  • If you are planning on doing your own makeup plan it all out in advance and practice, practise, practise! Don’t do something overly complicated if your not comfortable either! Take pictures of your trial runs, it will help you to stay focused on the day.
  • If you want fuller lashes but don’t want the hassle of applying false lashes but still want the look  why don’t you try tinting your lashes and get eyelash extensions! This is also great if you are having second thoughts with mascara as  you’ll shed a tear or two.
  • Your shoes you are planning to wear, they may look fabulous but remember that feeling when you wear new shoes out for the first time, wear them around your house for a week before to break them in a bit.
  • Things to have on you or a handy bridesmaid are : Bandaids, painkillers, safety pins, bobby pins, breath mints or spray (not chewing gum) , a small perfume, roll on deodorant, Lip gloss or lip stick, a sponge with a little of your foundation on it for touch-ups.
  • You can buy small gel inserts for your heels and things for the sling back to, every bit helps you want to be comfortable as possible anyway!
  • I know its hard but make sure you get enough sleep the night before and refrain from drinking too much, don’t drink too much whilst your getting ready either that’s what the reception is for.
  • As I said its a long day so make sure you have something to eat before you get ready or whilst your getting ready.
  • The time of your wedding is also something to consider, if your wedding is in the morning you will have to get up VERY early to get your hair and makeup done and get dressed! Like 3 am early, earlier if you have a large wedding party, if your not keen on an early start maybe go for an afternoon wedding.
  • Another thing that I think is overlooked try and stay as close to where the wedding is being held as possible, trust me this helps so much the day of!
  • Smile its your wedding day one of the most important days of your life so make sure you have fun!!!!!

Ok that is it for now. I know a lot of this is things you hear all the time but they are definitely worth thinking about!

Madame B


Changing of the Seasons

With the Australian summer just around the corner and the weather already heating up it really is time to get ready.


If you aren’t exfoliating regularly its time to start now!

Trying to save some cash? Well you don’t have to pay big buck for this you could easily DIY it, Click here for an example recipe. But there are many on the internet just do a search!

Have you tried exfoliating gloves before? glovesThey are  inexpensive and really do help.

Exfoliating is especially needed if you are a tanner.

Two of my favourite fake tans are

SugarBaby Suntanned Sweeties


which is a really easy spray on tan and I find is a great ‘natural’ colour for my pale as the moon body!

Another I like is the Dove Gradual Tanners.


They are great for slowly building up a nice tan.

Please remember Guys and Dolls if you tan make sure its a fake bake as there is nothing cool about skin cancer!

The sun  also helps to age your skin faster so please remember to wear sunscreen !


After exfoliating its really important to moisturise. There are many choices to pick from ranging from the cheap like one of my favourites

Nivea Moisturising Lotion niveawhich retails at around $8 depending on where you purchase to the more expensive

MOR Body Butter

( I love this, it was originally given to me as a gift and i 350_Pomegranate.Body.Butter.jpglove the scent and feel of them!)

Feet and Hands-

Out go the boots and in come the sandals. This is the time to start those neglected winter feet!

There are many heel balms and foot files you can purchase to do them yourself either between appointments or if your like me to do completely yourself. (I hate people touching my feet, i know weird phobia!)

Why not try a bright polish on those toes to get yourself in the summer mood!

For your hands another product I like is handsSally Hansen Hand Resurfacer

to help smooth those dry winter hands.


Going to the beach or pools,   the water and humidity really don’t mix well with makeup so we tend to wear less.

Lash and brow tinting  can help give a more polished look without having to apply makeup and can last a few weeks.

Lash tinting in particular can help open your eyes by defining and giving the appearance of longer lashes.

So what are you plans for getting ready for summer and what are the products you reach for?

Madame B


Thought of the day

I have been thinking a lot lately that I sometimes find myself buying/wanting things simply because  of all the ‘hype’.

I seem to forget that liking a product really is a personal thing and because one person likes it doesn’t mean I will. And really by buying it and giving into the hype I’m really just making it worse!!!!!!

I find I have this problem with Mascara’s in particular.  I always end up back to the same old ones, the one with a regular to thick brush. I find it coats, lengthens and thickens my lashes the best.

So this brings me to the age old question; If it isn’t broken, why fix it ?!?

I am constantly on the hunt for the newer, prettier, better product and its something I rarely find. I don’t mean to say I haven’t found anything new I liked but more times than not I think I should just stick to the tried and true.

So here is my list of products I always got back to

  • Mascara

Benefit Get Bent or Maybelline XXL/ Great Lash

  • Foundation

Masquerade, Smashbox or Revlon

  • Primers

Smashbox Face Primers and Too Faced   Shadow Insurance

  • Moisturisers

Nivea for Very Dry Skin, Elizabeth Arden 8    hour Cream and Mac Fix +

  • Highlighters, Bronzers and Cheek Colour


  • Eye Shadows

Mac –I always like their shadows (that is excluding the Lustres)

  • Others;

Mehron Palettes as bases,  Manicare Lashes….

What are yours….?