Braided Hair Bun using a Hair Donut

by Madame B Fatale on November 24, 2011

dress me up hair donutMy new video features and item that has been around for quite a some time but seems to be overlooked, hair padding. They have been used by hairdressers to get secure volume for formal occasions for decades but are so quick and easy to use I think everyone should give the old hair donut a go! In the following video I have used a large size Dress Me Up Hair Donut that I bought from I-glamour a little while ago with some other hair padding items to do a series on. These ones (for the large) retail at $13.95, its really something that will last for years.

This video is for more of an intricate look but if anyone is interested I can do a straight forward version of it too (minus the braiding). (I have cut my hair to my shoulders but it still covers the large size)


All you need is the hair donut (I’ve seen many use stockings and socks as well), some bobby pins, a hair tie and some hairspray and you’re set!


Madame B Fatale


*All items were purchased by me.

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