Beauty Bloggers Utopia – Part 2

by Madame B Fatale on October 7, 2012

The Sunday of the Beauty Bloggers Utopia was even more jammed packed with all sorts of activities for us to participate in and was held at Cameron Jane Makeup Design in Surry Hills.

cameron jane makeup designFirst up was a lesson in facial symmetry which is where i learnt that my face shape is not in fact potato head but it is horizontally asymmetrical. We also leant how to help fix it with makeup and hair styles. Cameron also suggested we get a copy of The Human Face on DVD if we were interested in learning more, which I am going to try and find a copy next week because I found it pretty fascinating!

We were then introduced to the brand Lord & Berry who specialise in eye and lip products.

“The Lord & Berry philosophy is that eyes and lips are icons. In our virtual age of digital technology, eyes and lips symbolise a modern communication that is liberal and spontaneous yet real”

Next up was morning tea and an introduction to Adderton Cosmetics. Stephen Adderton Steven Addertondiscussed the makeup range along with all of the packaging changes on the way to get the perfect product and talked all about the skincare line that will be launching in 2013. We got to sample one of the creams at the event and many of the girls were asking for a scoop more so their other hand looked as hydrated and young!


We then played Trivia, which was a really fun way to break up the day even though I did shocking and I should probably hold my head in shame for being such a terrible beauty blogger!


After that there was a panel discussion with Christina Butcher of Hair Romance and Hannah DeSilva from Rocketman Media about working with brands and pr’s as well as a few other blogger related topics. It was great to hear everyone else’s take on things and how they work.

Following on from the blogging and brands discussion we all talked about our own ethics.

IMG_0034After the discussions we were treated to a nail art workshop with the lovely Heather from Hello Darling and got to use the not yet released nail transfers for those that love the look of nail art but don’t have the time.I must say they were a breeze to use it was just hard picking which ones from all of the designs!


Last event of the day was the keynote speech by Lorraine Murphy who is the founder and director of The Remarkables Group. The very first blogger talent agency in Australia who just announced 5 new bloggers to their already impressive line up this past week.

After the event I really had to hop to it so I didn’t miss my flight home so I unfortunately had to miss the after party dinner at Grill’d.


Over the weekend I learnt a lot, saw and met some amazing women in blogging and even got some really cool gifts and samples. I would really like to thank Sarah-May and Larah again as well as all of the Beauty Bloggers Utopia Sponsors below:

IMATS, Royal & Langnickle, Lust Have it, Cameron Jane Makeup Design , Lord and Berry and Bobs Studio, Cosmetiques de France, Darling, Adderton, Blync Lashes, Chi Coconut Water, Crown Brush, Girlee Cosmetics, The Jojoba Company, Illamasqua, Grill’d, Lime Crime from Makeupnet, The Makeup Box Shop, Manicare, PM Studio, Schick, Voss Water and MissChu.

Madame B Fatale


Sidenote: I generally like to keep my personal life completely separate from the blog because (as funny as it sounds) I am a rather private person, but because this is related to last weekend there is something I would like to say. You may have noticed I joke a bit about being socially awkward or nervous or a hermit or whatever, I am not just a bit shy around new people I actually have massive social anxieties and depression and have for quite some time now. The main reason why I wanted to mention this is because although I really did enjoy last weekend and I had a feeling I would it was something I really had to push myself to do. The whole weekend I honestly kind of felt like I was in a daze and no thanks to the hotel I stayed in that made it worse from all the dramas (DO NOT stay at ASPIRE, EVER) I was on edge all weekend. Along with my usual panic attack/ feeling sick / freak outs. I am glad I made myself go, but I am sorry if I didn’t make a stellar first impression.
This isn’t something I have any interest in talking about on here and probably never will again. Besides not really liking ‘woe is me’ type posts I also have no desire in getting into any sort of discussion/argument about medication or treatment because that is no ones business except mine and my doctors.
Oh there is one last thing on the matter I would really like to say, that writing love on your wrist is nice and all but it does nothing, it will never do anything. Just ask someone if they are ok, OK?

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