Madame B Fatale is a personal blog solely maintained by myself.

All samples provided to myself to feature either in a tutorial or review will be disclosed and I would like to state that this will never influence my review in anyway.  I will not be censored.

Furthermore samples are accepted on a post consideration basis only and if I choose to feature a product it will be posted at a time that I decide. I have full control over content and am not paid for reviews.

After a recent chat on Twitter I thought I’d state that I do on occasion adjust the lighting or contrast on my pictures. The only reason I do this is the photo hasn’t turned out like it looks like in real life I am just trying to get a more accurate colour. I don’t however do it to make myself look better. Since I have been learning how to use my new camera I’ve not had to do it too often now. To be brutally honest I do not possess the skills to completely photoshop anything, if I did I would probably photoshop out those fine lines under my eyes !!! I do crop and watermark my photo’s though.

As these are my own opinions stated in reviews are based on my own personal experience and yours, obviously, may differ.

Basically skin tones, types, common sense and your own opinion should come into your final decision of purchasing any product.

Any questions? You can contact me here madamebfatale@live.com

Madame B


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