Illamasqua Product Overview–Part 3

by Madame B Fatale on July 20, 2011

Today I have part 3 of the Illamasqua products overview check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already!

First up today I have three powder shadows from the brand Angst, Sadist and Fame (L-R).Illamasqua angst sadist fame

All three are matte shadows that apply easily and blend well too! Out of the three Fame is probably the less pigmented one but is still easy to build up on the lid. My favourite of the lot would probably have to be Angst as I don’t have as many reds as I’d like and it looks fabulous in the crease area. It also slightly reminds me of the Laid Cream Blusher (pictured below). These shadows seem to last well, I’d recommend a good base to start off with as they can stain slightly.

Illamasqua Angst Illamasqua Sadist Illamasqua Fame

Next up I have the swatches for – Laid Cream Blusher, Dab Cream Pigment (Toxic Nature), Emerge Cream Pigment (Toxic Nature) and also Rouse Sheer Gloss. (L-R)

Illamasqua Laid Dab Emerge Rouse

Illamasqua Laid Cream Blusher

Laid Cream Blusher is a gorgeous deep rose colour that has fitted right into my ‘winter’ makeup routine. As with sob a little goes a long way, its easily blended and has a lovely dewy finish.Illamasqua Dab Cream PigmentIllamasqua Emerge Cream Pigment

Both Dab and Emerge are from the recent Toxic Nature collection and are apart of the matte cream pigment line. Both are great as shadow bases, blushers, and for quirky lip colours too. I have also seen on Violet LeBeaux’s used as temporary hair colour!

I personally love Emerge as an under eye concealer and have been using it as that the most.

Illamasqua Rouse Lip Gloss

Last but not least is the Sheer Lip Gloss in Rouse. The gloss itself has that lovely sweet scent that all the products seem to have and also contains just enough pigment to tone down my insanely pigmented lips a little. It also looks great over the lipstick in Liv and also with a nude lip. Its a cool candy pink, kind of like a sheer gloss version of Sob Cream Blusher.

Well that’s all the products I have for now, but I’m sure part 4 will be on its way in a couple of months considering my obvious attraction to the brand!

Look out for these in some upcoming tutorials!

What products from Illamasqua can’t you live without, or want to try?

Madame B Fatale


Rouse and Laid were gifts from the Toxic Nature Event I attended and Fame was for post consideration.

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